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Best Candy Stores in The Garden State!

Just imagine, walking into one of these candy stores and being hit with the sensational smell of fresh handmade chocolate, surrounded by licorice, candy fruit slices, gummy bears and other vibrant sweet treats. Have a customized gift basket made for someone special, but don't forget to stock up on your favorite. Some can even host chocolate decorating and candy molding parties, fun (and yummy) for all ages!

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Sweet Shop Recovery

Okay, so you splurged a bit too much at the candy store. Don't let it bring you down. We are here to help get you back on track! We know the best yoga studios, gyms, and fitness centers that offer kickboxing and cardio classes, among many other endorphin releasing and sweat-inducing workout options. Counter splurge at one of our favorite juice bars on shots of wheat-grass, fresh-squeezed juices or whole produce smoothies!

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