Protecting Yourself From the Sun During Your Trip to the Jersey Shore

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New Jersey Tourism Is Continuing to Surge and Grow in the Summer of 2023

Every year, thousands of locals and tourists visit the Jersey Shore. According to the Asbury Park press, over 111 million people visited the garden state 2019 pre-pandemic which was up 7% from 2018.

The New Jersey Tourism Industry Association estimates that there will be a continued surge, growth, and an explosion of tourism down the Jersey shore in the upcoming years (post pandemic), especially during the summer season.

One thing for sure, it certainly shows the resiliency of our 130+ beautiful miles of New Jersey coastline.

The fact that there are many new entertainment venues, attractions, and restaurants throughout the coastal shore region of recent, further demonstrates the true tourism resiliency of this great state.

There are many new sites to be seen which will undoubtedly be exciting for both locals and tourists alike that are planning to explore our many shore towns and municipalities.

There are also plenty of awesome beach activities that visitors can partake in like jet skiing, water-skiing, and parasailing where riders can have fun getting dipped in the Sea.

Families can also hit up Jenkinson’s Amusement Park to hop on exciting rides and play fun arcade games by the beach.

There are plenty of delicious delicacies at the local restaurants.

Besides all the many fun things to do down the shore, the beach itself is the main attraction in the state during summer. 

From the gorgeous white sands of Long Beach Island (and all other towns further north of LBI) all the way down to Cape May and Sunset Beach where visitors will find tiny quartz pebbles (widely known as Cape May diamonds) mixed within the sand.

So, if you live in this amazing state or you’re just visiting New Jersey, you’ll surely be exposed to the sun while you are enjoying the stunning blue-green waters at the beach.

Here are some tips to protect yourself from the harsh summer New Jersey sun:

Apply sunscreen to your skin

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If you’re planning to swim or sunbathe on Jersey Shore, then you must apply sunscreen on your skin every two hours. However, you must ensure that you’re using sunscreen that can effectively block UV rays from harming your skin. One of these effective sunscreens is La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios line, which offers a new generation of UV filters. In fact, La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios UVMune 400 is the first sunscreen to efficiently block ultra-long UVA rays from 380 nm, effectively protecting your skin against skin cancer and premature aging. By investing in effective sunscreens, you can enjoy the sun’s warmth on your skin without worrying about medical conditions.

Take advantage of umbrellas and cabana rentals

This fun family-owned business Perfect Beach Day NJ has a mission to make your NJ beach day perfect by helping you with some essential beach accessories including cabanas, chairs, coolers, boogie boards, and even each passes. They will even customize a package for you. The company serves the South Shore region Brigantine, Long Beach Island, Margate city, and Ocean City.

Another awesome way to shelter yourself from harmful rays if you’re in the Wild woods area is to rent a three-hour cabana and fire pit from The Star Beach Bar which is located at the ICONA Diamond Beach hotel. They have a kitchen and bar that is open daily during the season

Wear sun-protective clothing

You can further protect your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays by wearing UPF clothing during your trip to New Jersey. You won’t need to apply sunscreen to all the areas that these clothes cover because they are able to effectively block your skin from the sun’s rays. So if you’re swimming on the beach, you can use J.Crew’s active long-sleeve rash guard, which has built-in UPF 50 sun protection. Meanwhile, those who plan to simply walk around the shore can wear sun-protective clothing from brands like Columbia, Solbari, or Coolibar.

Use protective eyewear

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The sun’s rays can also be quite harmful to your eyes, which is why you need to bring sunglasses. Make sure that your sunglasses can provide 100% UV protection and have polarized lenses to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays without compromising your visual experience. If you already wear glasses you can get prescription sunglasses that correct your vision and provide full protection from the sun at the same time. Plenty of famous sunglasses styles from Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Ralph Lauren can be customized to your prescription needs, so you won’t have to choose between wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses at the beach.

Consider taking supplements

If your body reacts negatively to sun exposure, you should consider taking supplements. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. D’Anne Kleinsmith states that oral antioxidant supplements like Heliocare can help people who tend to be sensitive to the sun. This supplement contains an extract of Polypodium leucotomos, which can help protect your body from free radical damage due to its antioxidant compounds.

You can also consider taking vitamin B6 and beta-carotene supplements, which can further boost your tolerance to UV rays. However, keep in mind that these supplements can only enhance your skin-protection strategy and can never replace sunblocks, protective clothing, or sunglasses. Your trip to New Jersey will be more memorable, especially if you aren’t compromising your safety. As such, you need to follow these strategies to safely enjoy the summer sun’s warmth.



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