Cycling on Two Wheels on New Jersey’s Scenic Bike Trails and Off the Beaten Path Routes

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Let’s Go on Some Fun Cyclling Tours

With such vibrant nightlife, mesmerizing culture-packed events, and exquisite food, there’s no shortage of ideas for spending an excellent time in New Jersey. If you’re down to something more active than a wine-tasting session or a self-guided museum experience, a cycling tour can be just for you.

From short and medium-large to multiple-day rides, New Jersey’s cycling infrastructure offers something for anyone craving outdoor therapy. Plus, it is one of the friendliest and most developed states for cycling from the standpoint of facilities and infrastructure so it pays to give it a shot and get a unique biking experience.

Check out these captivating biking routes full of picturesque views, and prepare for an unforgettable getaway you will cherish for a long time, whether a New Jerseyan or Garden State visitor.

The Henry Hudson Trail

Pedal into the state’s marvelous routes by starting with the Henry Hudson Trail. No matter your fitness level, this path is great for everyone.

The HHT stretches 24 miles and is an excellent escape for those who aspire to explore the state’s natural gems without straying too far from urban settings. Its flat terrain is ideal for family outings or those willing to unwind without sweating. That’s not even the best part of this rail trail. The path runs through scenic woodlands, across wetlands, and past historic sites, offering an exciting and valuable backdrop for your ride. So don’t forget to charge your phone and have it at hand for quick snaps.

The Patriot’s Path

Where else can you test your stamina while enriching your knowledge of America’s revolutionary history if not by exploring the Patriot’s Path? With its diverse 35-mile route through the rolling hills and lush landscapes, the PP is one of the most vibrant routes, displaying awe-inspiring parks, historical sites, and natural areas. The network offers everything, from smoothly paved sections for enjoying the surroundings while taking a breather to more demanding terrain for an added physical challenge.

Grab some downtime and pause pedaling to explore history along the path. You will find brilliant relics of our nation, like the Whippany Railway Museum, the Fosterfields Living Historical Farm, Historic Speedwell, and many more. Make sure you grab a few available brochure templates before entering the route or make them if you’re a local giving a tour to friends or distant family members visiting NJ. Riding in groups is always fun, and it’s even more pleasant when discovering new facts that have made such a wonderful country we’re living in!

Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail

Feel like embarking on a longer cycling tour? Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail is definitely your go-to! Journey along a path that parallels the tranquil waters of America’s beautiful storied canal. Stretching roughly 70 miles from Frenchtown down to New Brunswick, this route will give you a taste of New Jersey’s rich history morphed into the peace of its natural landscapes. Don’t worry about the physical engagement–the trail is mostly flat terrain, doable for all skill levels.

Besides, you can never go wrong with picking this route simply because of the absence of motorized traffic. The trail is brimming with historical buildings, quaint towns, and unique bridges. The iconic red Mill at Clinton and the Blackwells Mills Canal are just the tip of the iceberg that makes this ride as culturally rich as it is beautiful. Be advised that the trail has crushed stone and dirt surface sections, so ensure your bike is suited for light off-road.

Saddle River County Park Bike Path

You don’t necessarily have to dedicate an entire day to pedaling. If you have a tight lineup of things to do on a day, Saddle River County Park Bike Path is a terrific way to get the taste of exploring NJ by bicycle without spending too much time. Nestled in the heart of Bergen County, this paved bike path offers an exciting 6-mile journey through spectacular parks and beside the local gem–the unique Saddle River. It’s a perfect route if you have a few hours to spare before diving into the city’s nightlife. The path is lined with charming duck ponds, fascinating waterfalls, and top-notch recreational areas ideal for a short break and even a grilling session (yes, quite a few facilities are available along the route). You will also spot the Easton Tower, an impressive stone structure the locals are proud of.

The Lawrence Hopewell Trail

Map of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail

For the time invested in pedaling around 23 miles, you can get unforgettable emotions and shoot breathtaking photographs (let alone health benefits). The LHT is a mixed-use trail circling through Lawrence and Hopewell Townships. This loop connects parks, preserves, and historical sites, ensuring an unforgettable cultural experience. Like the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail, it’s mostly asphalt with crushed stone surface, so make sure your two-wheel companion is appropriate for the terrain. The LHT includes numerous areas you can’t resist feasting your eyes on; take a break and enjoy Mercer Meadows, explore the historic Village of Lawrenceville, and get inspired by the Brearley House.

Paulinskill Valley Trail

This trail takes you through the heart of rural New Jersey, tracing the historic Paulinskill Railroad route. Covering over 27 miles of Sussex and Warren counties, it offers a whole lot of diverse landscapes, including but not limited to farmlands, forests, wetlands, and small towns designed with a dash of German impact. The gentle grade compensates for the route’s length, so you can give it a whirl without any cycling proficiency. As you pedal along, keep an eye out for the one-of-a-kind Viaduct that used to be among the largest concrete structures in the world. It’s also a great idea to carry sufficient food and water, as the area is quite secluded, and there aren’t many shops along the way (but that might change soon).

Summing Up

New Jersey offers many routes to explore on two wheels that combine natural beauty, historical relics, and community spirit. NJ is a versatile area teeming with places to visit and things to do, regardless of your interests and plans for the weekend or weekday. Cycling is a fantastic recreational activity in NJ, thanks to the state’s solid infrastructure and outstanding views. The state offers quite a lot of biking paths for any fitness level, so there’s no reason not to set out for a quick pedaling tour and explore the city from a different perspective. Whether a New Jerseyan or a traveler visiting the Garden State, these trails promise exceptional experiences.



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