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Best NJ Bars

Best New Jersey Bars

Best Bars in New Jersey

Finally an unparalleled guide to the absolute best bars, clubs and lounges in one of the best drinking and eating states on the entire east coast. New Jersey has a plethora of diverse communities: each with their own drinking establishments that have truly taken on their own personalities. For example, there is nothing and we mean nothing like a New Jersey dive bar! Please consume yourself in this section of our site where you will find over 35 different categories of the best of the best when it comes to gin mills, ale house and salons dotted all over the state. Remember drink responsibly and always Uber or have a designated driver!

Best NJ Bars by County
Best NJ Bars by County
If you don't want to travel far from home to find a good bar, then check out a bar in your county! We've come up with a list of the best bars in each county of New Jersey!
Best New Jersey Bars by Category Best NJ Bars by Category
See a complete list of the best bars in New Jersey. Our Bars by Category Section highlights some of the coolest, hippest and most unique bars New Jersey has to offer! We've done all the research and work so you don't have to!
Best NJ Shore Bars Best Jersey Shore Bars
Grab your sun screen and beach chair and head down to the Jersey Shore for the weekend! The Jersey Shore is all about partying and we've come up with the best bars to check out while you're there! From local favorite to hidden jems, we've got a list of the best NJ Shore Bars!
Best Clubs in NJ Best Clubs in NJ
Looking to go out and dance the night away? Than these New Jersey Clubs will be perfect for you! We've come up with a complete list of the best clubs in NJ ranging from Hip-Hop to Dance Clubs and everything in between.
Unique Nightlife Activities in NJ Unique Nightlife Activities in NJ
There are thousands of bars and clubs in New Jersey that offer great nightlife opportunites to New Jersey residents. But if you want to try something really different, see our list of unique nightlife activities in NJ.

We hope you've enjoyed our list of the

Best NJ Bars

Find a wide variety of bars in all of New Jersey. No matter how you want to spend your evening, any of these bars will guarantee you and all of your friends a good time! Whether you want to sit back at a dive bar or spend the weekend down the Jersey Shore, we've come up with a list of the best bars in New Jersey!

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