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We'll show you the New Jersey Shore like you have never seen it before!

Keansburg NJ Beach

The Beach Sand in Keansburg is not like your ordinary NJ Shore sand. It's similar to construction sand. The surf is also very different as it is like an ocean without waves. ;-)
Keansburg NJ Sunset

Don't be fooled by the name Keansburg. This small town has more to offer than people think. We caught this awesome sunset from the pier before we entered the Park.

Keansburg NJ Fishing Pier

The Keansburg fishing pier, tucked behind the amusement park, not far from Laurel Avenue, is never crowded. The 2,175 foot pier was destroyed by Hurricane Donna in 1960, and was rebuilt in 1987.

The Game Room Arcade Keansburg

The Game room is by far one of the best NJ boardwalk Arcades. Although we realize that the Keansburg Amusement Park is not an official Boardwalk as it is cement, but it sure has that feel!

Wildcat Roller Coaster Keansburg NJ

Nothing beats a creepy roller coaster at night! With awesome eerie lighting and a pretty cool twisty track, the Wild Cat wins the seediest roller coaster award out of all of the NJ Boardwalks!

Keansburg Amusement Park
Keansburg even has a palm tree on the boardwalk!  The Boardwalk is free as there is no admission to hang out on the Boardwalk. You only pay for the rides and games that you want to go on.

The Heidelberg Bar Keansburg NJ

There are a couple of good bars right on the Boardwalk at Keansburg Amusement Park. Your always right next to the action as you fill up your tank with a cold one! The Heidelberg is a great seedy boardwalk wonder. Simply Magnificent!

The Heidelberg Bar - Best grilled Dogs

The Heidelberg boasts the best grilled Hot dogs on the entire boardwalk! We kept going back for another beer and would split a dog. That's what Boardwalk life is all about anyway isn't it? Beer, grilled greasy food, a couple of rides and boardwalk games!

The Spook House Keansburg NJ

Another Old-time classic is the small spook house where you ride on a small mouse like, two seater roller coaster car on a track. The scariest feeling of all is wondering if your car will break down in the complete darkness inside. Worth every penny!

Eerie Clown game Keansburg NJ

This Clown game in one of the arcades is so frightening that you will actually see kids shying away from it. Looks like it is circa 1920's like most of the great antiques at Keansburg. Come see some more great historic, old fashioned arcade games like this.

Cool Fireworks on selected nights

Fireworks can be seen from over the beach at the Keansburg Amusement Park on special nights throughout the year. They actually put on a very nice show. The fireworks are launched from the pier right behind the Boardwalk.

Classic Rides like no other!

Why retire old Classic rides like this? Come see and ride some really cool old vintage rides dating back to the 1920's. These rides have that genuine classic look and feel, sure to please any amusement park History buff!

Arcade Games that are sure to please

Lets face it, there is nothing more fun than pumping about $50 into the machines and collecting tickets, to exchange later for a small smiley eraser. Kidding aside, the payoffs (prizes) here are much better than most other arcades around New Jersey.

Awesome Boardwalk food

There is something nostalgic and romantic about eating Boardwalk food and Keansburg doesn't disappoint in this area. We munched on Sausage and peppers, Chicken fingers, cheese fries and zeppoles! Simply take a lipitor and your good to go!

Cranes Fun City Arcade Keansburg NJ

Crane games seem to be the most popular type of game these days. Simply put in a dollar and try to pick up your prize with a mechanical arm. Be forewarned however that these games are highly addicting. Fun with the kids in NJ like no other.

Outdoor Boardwalk Bars

There are several classic outdoor bars on the boardwalk or directly across the street. One of our favorites was TJK Stadium and this bar right next door. You will find a nice mix of younger (pictured here) and older crowds in these bars.

Horse race Boardwalk game!

Among the many boardwalk games of skill and chance is a classic Horse Race game where you roll a ball into holes marked run and trot. The more runs you get the faster you'll get to the finish line. This game is fun and completely addicting. There are also many games with wheels, where you spin the wheel and hope it stops on your number!

Giant Crane game

Out of all of the famous boardwalk games, crane games seem to be the favorite among the younger children. This crane is so huge! We watched others play for a while and never saw it pick anything up. We tried several times ourselves to get that ball and couldn't. Beware before dropping your rent money into this machine! 

Super Slide is a classic hit!

An amusement park without one of these slides, well.....just wouldn't be the same. If your looking for that traveling show, freaky carnival type of aura...then look no further than Keansburg NJ.

Double Shot Tower Keansburg NJ 

Great ride to sit and watch. There are front row benches where you can see all the action up close. This tower shoots up vertically with quite a force. Keep your eyes open for dropped money!

Club Cabana $1 Coors Lights!

We saved the best in Keansburg for last. Club Cabana is by far the coolest place in Keansburg if not down the entire NJ shore. Besides getting a good crowd later at night, Club Cabana offers a crazy ridiculous $1 Coors light special all the time. I can't remember how many one dollar bills I ripped out of my wallet, but even if you drink 20 beers, you'll still have toll money to get home!

Runaway Rapids Water Park

Right across the street and just a few steps from The Keansburg Amusement Park is Runaway Rapids Water Park. You can purchase a two park pass so you can go to the waterpark or Amusement Park all day. Runaway Rapids has dozens of rides and interactive attractions. There is also a very nice sunbathing area surrounding the play pool areas. The park has been recently cleaned up a bit.


About the Keansburg Amusement Park Boardwalk in NJ

Although Keasnsburg Amusemnet Park is not an actual Boardwalk, it is regarded locally as a boardwalk town, as it is one of America's oldest shoreside amusement parks that houses many vintage rides that date back to the early 1920's. Although the amusement area fairway is now asphalt, it has been included here because it truly has that famous NJ Boardwalk feel unmatched by any other NJ Seaside town.

Weekly Specials

Buy One/Get One FREE Ride Bracelet is only $19.95 10am to closing.
Combination Bracelet - $30.95 For Runaway Rapids and Keansburg Amusement Park.

Kiddie Day All day!  All night! Unlimited Kiddie Ride Bracelet $10.00
Unlimited Thrill Ride Bracelet $15.95

Buy One/Get One FREE Ride Bracelet is only $19.95 10am to closing.
Combination Bracelet - $30.95 For Runaway Rapids and Keansburg Amusement Park.

Ride All Rides  Pay one Price  $19.95

Ride all the rides for only $15.95
Friday Night Madness 8pm to Midnight only $10.00

Please visit the Keansburk Amusement Park website for more details.

Other things to do in Keansburg NJ area

Monmouth Cove Marina
A Multi- Service Facility for the Boater.

Twin Lights of Navesink
The NJ State Historic Site "Twin Lights" is situated 200 feet above sea level in Highlands.

Keansburg Waterfront Public Library
A great small town Library.

Places to eat in Keansburg NJ

Domino's Pizza
319 Main St # 6, Keansburg, NJ
Poppa Pizza
297 Main St, Keansburg, NJ

Sammy D's Brooklyn Pizza
288 Main St, Keansburg, NJ

Sports Barn
304 Main St, Keansburg, NJ

Anthony's Pizza
65 Church St, Keansburg, NJ

Barb's Big Burritos
93 Beachway Ave, Keansburg, NJ

Bar One Inc
304 Main St, Keansburg, NJ

Golden Wok
8 Church St, Keansburg, NJ

Charlie's Deli
164 Port Monmouth Rd, Keansburg, NJ

Map of Keansburg NJ


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