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We'll show you the New Jersey Shore like you have never seen it before!

Nathan's famous Hot Dogs

The first Nathan's in the world was in none other than Coney Island NY. The Nathan뭩 Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest has been held at Coney Island each year since 1916. Coney Island usually packs in about 50,000 spectators every year for this event.
Cyclone roller coaster

The Cyclone wooden roller coaster at Astroland in Coney Island is probably one of the most well known Coasters in the world. Since it first opened on June 26, 1927, the Cyclone has emerged as the outdoor amusement industry's most famous, most influential, and most copied individual ride in the world.

Shoot the Freak Coney Island NY

Shoot the Freak has to be one of the most original classic boardwalk games in all of the world. Test your skill with a live human target as you try to shoot him down with a paintball gun! Much more fun than reading about famous serial killers online!

World Famous Cyclone at Astroland

Astroland is home to the Cyclone Roller coaster. If you looked at the cyclone from the street, you would say that it looks like a piece of cake, but when you actually ride it, you will not believe that it is the same coaster. It is the best coaster on the East Coast.

Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk

This picture pretty much says it all. A nice shot of the beach and boardwalk with lovely High rises in the backdrop. How can you get closer to a beautiful beach feel right in the heart of the city!

B&B Carousell in Coney Island NY
The last wooden Carousell in Coney Island. The Bishoff & Brienstein Carousell is one the only place on Coney Island where one can still saddle up onto an authentically carved horse. Saddle up!

Coney Island at Night

Although not as grand as it used to be. The boardwalk is still worth a visit. It has run down a bit but it still has its old world charm and aura.

Astroland Coney Island

Astroland is a 3.1 acre amusement park in Coney Island New York. Astroland was first opened in 1962. It is located at 1000 Surf Avenue on the boardwalk.

Wonder wheel Coney Island

Shown here is the Giant Wonder Wheel. Other Adult Rides include the Top Spin, Thrill Ride, Cyclone Roller Coaster, Water Flume, Pirate Ship, Scrambler, Bumper Cars, Dante's Inferno, Break Dancer, Astrotower and Tilt-A-Whirl.

More Astroland Rides NY

There is a good amount of kiddie rides for the kids. Among some of the rides are the NEW! Pirate Jet, Froghopper, Motorcycle Jump, Super Swing, Himalaya, Fire Engines, Big Apple Coaster, Mini Trucks, Convoy, Carousel and Dune Buggy Jump!

Coney Island Clam Bar

Who can figure out the tacky rustic wonder of all the clam bars in Coney Island? There are dozens of eateries and snack bars that offer some form of clams. You can literally find clams at every turn in Coney Island. You just gotta love it!

Astrotower Coney Island NY

The Astro Tower rises high above the park hundreds of feet in the air and allows passengers a chance to enjoy an amazing 360 view of the amusements, the surrounding neighborhood, Keyspan Park, and the ocean as the tower swirls around very slowly.

Cyclone Roller Coaster

The Cyclone travels at a speed of over 60 Miles Per Hour. The ride time is One minute and 50 seconds. There are three trains and 3 cars per train and it runs at a capacity of 24 Passengers per Cycle.

Water Flume Ride Astroland NY

The Wild Water Flume ride still stands at Astroland in Coney Island. Other classics that still remain are the Tea cups, the Top spin, the bumper cars and who could ever forget the good ol Tilt-A-Whirl.

About the Coney Island Boardwalk in Brooklyn NY

Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York ?Riegelmann Boardwalk, located along the southern shore of Brooklyn along the Atlantic Ocean, Coney Island is known for the amusement parks along the boardwalk. Many of its most famous parks no longer exist, but the boardwalk still hosts the Cyclone roller coaster and the Wonder Wheel ferris wheel, as well as the New York Aquarium. A recent addition to the boardwalk is KeySpan Park, home of the minor-league Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team.

Astroland is open...
Everyday: June 15th to Sept. 3rd
Weekends Only: Sept 8th to date to be determined

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Map of Coney Island, Brooklyn NY

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Ocean City Boardwalk

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Coney Island Boardwalk NY

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