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Box J Farm

Address: 523 Bellwood Park Road, Asbury (Bethlehem Twp.) NJ

Phone: (908) 479-2268

Pick your own: Red raspberries, blueberries

Chia-Sin Farms

Address: 215 Quakertown Rd., Pittstown NJ

Phone: (908) 730-7123

Pick your own: Chinese vegetables; tomatoes; peppers; squash; eggplant


Grochowicz Farm Market

Address: 2401 Rt. 31 South, Glen Gardner NJ

Phone: (908) 537-4332

Pick your own: Pumpkins

Melick's Orchards

Address: 472 Rt. 513, Califon NJ

Phone: (908) 832-2905

Pick your own: Apples, peaches, pumpkins

Melick's Town Farm (at the Cider Mill)

Address: 19 King St., Oldwick NJ

Phone: (908) 439-3888

Pick your own: Strawberries, apples, pumpkins, flowers

North Slope Farm

Address: 386 Rock Rd. East , Lambertville NJ

Phone: (609) 466-8330

Pick your own: Flowers, cherry tomatoes

Phillips Farms

Address: 290 Church Rd., Milford NJ

(908) 995-0022

Pick your own: Red raspberries; strawberries; blueberries; apples; peaches; blackberries

Schaefer Farms

Address: 1051 County Road 523, Flemington NJ

Phone: (908) 788-2982

Pick your own: Pumpkins, raspberries, thornless blackberries, flowers

Mad Lavender Farm

Address: 452 County Road 579, Milford, NJ

Phone: (908) 310-5973

Pick your own: Raspberries (red, black)

Valley Brook Farm Market

Address: Rt. 22 East, Lebanon NJ

Phone: (908) 236-2959

Pick your own: Pumpkins

Valley Crest Farm

Address: 14 Allerton Road, Lebanon NJ

Phone: 908-238-9696

Pick your own: Peaches; Apples; Berries


Grover Farm

Address: 348 Village Rd. East, Princeton Junction NJ

Phone: (609) 799-1195

Pick your own: Strawberries; peas; potatoes; sweet corn; green beans; pumpkins

Lee Turkey Farm

Address: 201 Hickory Corner Rd, East Windsor NJ

Phone: (609) 448-0629

Pick your own: Apples, cherries, nectarines, peaches, beans, peas, squash, sweet corn, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, eggplant, peppers, broccoli, pumpkins, other vegetables, flowers

Little Acres Farm Market

Address: Pennington-Lawrenceville Rd., Pennington NJ

Phone: (609) 737-6502

Pick your own: Strawberries; plum tomatoes; eggplant; peppers

Little Acres Too

Address:  Princeton Pike, Lawrenceville NJ

Phone: (609) 896-1230

Pick your own: Annuals, perennials, plants, mums

Terhune Orchards

Address:  330 Cold Soil Rd., Princeton NJ

Phone: (609) 924-2310

Pick your own: Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, cherries (sweet, sour), blackberries, peaches, pumpkins, flowers


Blossom Hill Farms

Address: Dey Road, Cranbury NJ

Phone: (609) 799-7275

Pick your own: Apples, peaches

Farmer Al's Market & Greenhouses

Address: 387 Buckelew Ave., Monroe Twp. NJ

Phone: (732) 521-1888

Pick your own: Lima beans; string beans; black-eyed peas

Giamarese Farm

Address: 155 Fresh Pond Rd., East Brunswick NJ

Phone: (732) 821-9494

Pick your own: Apples, pumpkins, Christmas trees

Habiak Farms

Address: 315 Deans Rhode Hall Rd., South Brunswick NJ

Phone: (732) 297-0751

Pick your own: Pumpkins, Gourds, Jack-B-Littles, Christmas Trees

Joe Indyk

Address: 595 Spotswood-Englishtown Rd, Jamesburg NJ

Phone: (732) 763-0919

Pick your own: Strawberries

John Himich Farms

Address: 701 Cranbury Rd., East Brunswick NJ

Phone: (732) 257-1538

Pick your own: Tomatoes, eggplant, peaches, pears, apples (Sept. & Oct.), vegetables, flowers, pumpkins, cut & choose Christmas trees

Stults Farm

Address: 62 John White Rd or 146 Cranbury Neck Rd., Cranbury NJ

Phone: (609) 799-2523

Pick your own: Strawberries, peas, raspberries, blackberries, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, bitter melon, pumpkins, beans , lima beans

Von Thun's Country Farm Market

Address: 519 Ridge Rd. (Rt. 522), Monmouth Junction NJ

Phone: (732) 329-8656

Pick your own: Strawberries; raspberries; blackberries; pumpkins; peas (snap, pod); string beans


Central NJ
Bullock Farms 
83 Emleys Hill Rd., Cream Ridge, NJ 08514

Bullock Farms pick your own farms Monmouth County NJ Pick your own Pumpkins and Christmas trees!
Bullock Farms has been a family owned and operated farm since 1860. During the fall season we open for pick your own pumpkins. We also have a corn maze, Hayrides, pumpkin market and activities for kids. The hayride around the picturesque farm drops you off at the pumpkin field where you will find fresh pumpkins still on the vine. Pumpkin Market and corn maze is open daily from 9am-6pm, pick your own pumpkins and Hayrides available Friday through Sunday 9am-6pm. Bring the family for a fun filled day at the farm.

The last weekend in November starts our Christmas Tree season. We offer 10 acres of Norway Spruce, Douglas Fir, Canaan Fir and Blue Spruce. We also have pre-cut Fraser Fir and Douglas Fir to choose from. The Cranberry House Crafts gift shop has homemade ornaments and decorations for the holiday season. Open Wednesday through Sunday 9am-5pm. Visit our website or Facebook page for more information.

Open seasonally

Antonio Casola Farms & Greenhouse

Address:  178 Highway 34 & Schank Rd., Holmdel NJ

Phone: (732) 332-1533

Pick your own: Vegetables; pumpkins; fall squashes; gourds; corn stalks; hay; straw; flowers

Atlantic Farms

Address:  1506 Atlantic Ave. (Rt. 524), Wall NJ

Phone: (732) 528-8680

Pick your own: Peppers; eggplant; tomatoes; squash; plum tomatoes; cut flowers; pumpkins; mums; hay straw; corn stalks; Christmas trees

Battleview Orchards

Address:  91 Wemrock Rd., Freehold NJ

Phone: (732) 462-0756

Pick your own: Strawberries, sour cherries, peaches, nectarines, apples, pumpkins

Boyce Berry Farm

Address: Burnt Tavern (Rt. 537), Clarksburg NJ

Phone: (609) 259-9198

Pick your own: Blueberries

C. Casola Farms

Address:  489 Rt. 520 E., Marlboro NJ

Phone: (732) 946-8588

Pick your own: Pumpkins

Earth Friendly Organic Farm

Address:  17 Olde Noah Hunt Rd., Cream Ridge NJ

Phone: (609) 259-9744

Pick your own: Blueberries, thornless blackberries, persimmons

Eastmont Orchards

Address:  169 County Rd E., Rt. 537, Colts Neck NJ

Phone: (732) 542-5404

Pick your own: Apples, peaches, pumpkins

Laurino Farms

Address: 773 Sycamore Ave., Tinton Falls NJ

Phone: (732) 842-3470

Pick your own: Pumpkins, Beans, Tomatoes, Okra, Strawberries

Lincroft Christmas Tree Farm

Address: 523 Newman Springs Rd., Lincroft NJ

Phone: (732) 747-4381

Pick your own: Christmas trees (fir, pine, spruce)

Ogule's Farm

Address: 39 McCaffery Rd., Englishtown NJ

Phone: (732) 446-7342

Pick your own: Tomatoes; watermelons; okra; sweet pot cantaloupe; assorted peas; assorted beans.

River Bend Farm

Address: 200 Casino Dr., Farmingdale NJ

Phone: (732) 938-2387

Pick your own: Tomatoes; Vegetables, Herbs, Berries

Slope Brook Farms

Address: 213 Heyers Mill Rd., Colts Neck NJ

Phone: (732) 462-5775 or (732) 772-1772

Pick your own: Pumpkins

Stattel's Farm Market

Address: Rt. 520, Marlboro - West of Rt. 79 NJ

Phone: (732) 946-9666

Pick your own: Pumpkins

The Berry Farm

Address: Rt. 34 (behind Delicious Orchards), Colts Neck NJ

Phone: (732) 294-0707

Pick your own: Strawberries; raspberries (red, black), blackberries

Wemrock Orchards

Address: 300 Rt. 33 W., Freehold NJ

Phone: (732) 431-2668

Pick your own: Strawberries; blackberries; raspberries; pumpkins; gourds; Mums; cornstalks; Indian corn


Central NJ
Snyder's Farm 
586 South Middlebush Road, Somerset, NJ 08873

Snyder's Farm Central NJ Pick Your Own Farms Pick your own Blueberries and Strawberries!
Snyder's Farm sits on 80 acres of mostly Preserved Farm Land in beautiful Somerset NJ. Bring the entire family out for a day of fun on the farm and some of the best pick your own in Central NJ. Snyder's Farm boasts over 2,800 blueberry bushes that open to the public for Pick Your Own in June through late July. The farm is proud to present Pick Your Own strawberries beginning in late May! Seasonally, the farm also sells fresh produce including Jersey tomatoes and sweet white corn. Other produce items are offered, but change from year to year. While visiting the farm, don't forget to bring home a jar of their homemade line of jams, salsas and BBQ sauces. Visit their website for more information on Pick your Own and their famous Fall Festival.

Open seasonally

Hillsboro Farm 

Address: 219 Hillsborough Rd., Hillsborough NJ

Phone: (908) 500-0803

Pick your own: Pumpkins, gourds

Norz - Hill Farm & Market

Address: 116 South Branch Road, Hillsborough NJ

Phone: (908) 369-8586

Pick your own: Pumpkins, gourds, winter squashes

Sunhaven Farms

Address: 1018 Orchard Dr., Hillsborough NJ

Phone: (908) 369-6504

Pick your own: Strawberries; sweet peas (June); peppers; green beans; eggplant; tomatoes; plum tomatoes (August); broccoli; cauliflower; garden mums (Sept.)

Suydam Farms

Address: 1803 Route 27 & Skillman's Lane, Somerset NJ

Phone: (732) 846-7139

Pick your own: Pumpkins

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