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Things to do in New Jersey

Take a Recreational Class in NJ

Awesome Classes in NJ
With the weather getting colder and colder as the days pass, you may be wondering what fun activities you can do indoors. One fun idea is to take a class in NJ. Throughout the state there are many class options you can choose from, they do not have to be educational.

If you are interested in picking up a new hobby such as acting, dancing, bartending or even martial arts, there are studios in NJ that offer lessons to beginner, intermediate and advanced students. However, if you are looking for educational classes, ones you can either take yourself or with your significant other or children, the cooking classes and computer classes offered in all areas of NJ are great choices. These classes will teach you useful skills that you can take with you throughout life. Find a complete list of classes available in NJ here.

NJ Restaurants to Visit

NJ Restaurants Perfect for the Winter
Now that barbecue season has come to an end and you can no longer dine outside, you may be looking to find some of the best restaurants to visit in NJ. Just because the sunshine and ability to enjoy great food you prepared yourself have gone away, you do not need to let your dining experience become dull or lackluster.

Search the best restaurants by NJ County and discover the greatest restaurants just around the corner from your house. It doesn’t matter whether you like a particular cuisine or you are searching for something new, all of the counties are filled with excellent restaurants that will leave your mouth watering and you wanting to return a second time.

Plan a NJ Ski Trip

Places to Ski in NJ
It’s now the time of the year where you can throw your flip flops in the closet and pull out your boots, maybe even your snow boots! If your family always takes vacations during the winter months because you love the chilly weather and the activities associated with it, you may consider planning your NJ skiing trip now.

Although it might seem early in the year to plan your winter vacation, the truth is that the first snowfall will likely happen before anyone pleases and if that is the case, you want to ensure that you have a NJ lodge you can stay at and mountains where you can ski. The entire family, young or old, can have a blast conquering the slopes and spending hours outside in the snow on one of these trips.

Fun things to do in NJ
Finding out what to do and where to go in NJ has never been easier!

NJ Tourism always strives to find new, unusual and different things to do in NJ. From unusual romantic weekend getaways in NJ for couples, to 150 quick and easy date ideas! We are always committed to bringing you the many unknown terrific attractions that the NJ area has to offer. Find the best NJ Bars, the top 100 NJ shore bars, Best NJ restaurants, Top NJ shore destinations, see our NJ Boardwalk Guide, find cozy bed and breakfasts in NJ and more! Our listings are displayed in an uncluttered and easy to read manner, making it easy for you to find fun things to do in NJ fast! We hope you will refer to over and over again to find the best things to do in the NJ. We want to be your #1 guide for cool, fun things to do in New Jersey as well as for NJ Travel and Tourism information.

See our All-New sister sites to find fun Things to do in Pennsylvania! And to find fun Things to do in NY!

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Fun things to do with kids in NJ

Fun Attractions for kids in NJ

Things to do in New Jersey

Finding fun attractions to take the kids in NJ has never been easier! Find fun things to do in NJ with kids fast! From exploring a Different boardwalk in NJ to finding an awesome weekend getaway with kids. Check out these 20 Unusual off-the-beaten-path day trips in NJ that you can take with kids! How about taking the kids on one of the many party Boats in NJ for some fishing fun this weekend? Don't forget to take a look at our regular day trips in NJ page for some unique itineraries of some really cool and unusual places to visit in NJ. Please also see our cool things to do in NJ page for some other great unusual deas. In the summertime, be sure to visit our all-new water Park's in NJ page! Visit our all-new zoos in NJ page. Don't forget to visit our complete kids birthday party planner in NJ page that actually has over 100 party categories! has over 15,000 fun attractions listed in the New Jersey area. See our site Map to find all the fun fast! Don't forget to visit our blog!

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