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Stanhope House - Sussex County
45 Main Street, Stanhope NJ

Stanhope bills itself as "the last great American road house", and since c.1794 it's certainly seen a thing or two. The late, great Stevie Ray Vaughn, Muddy Waters, Mama Wrobleski and Willie Dixon are just some of the names now part of the history of this "blues bastion."

Formarly a private home, stagecoach stop, general store, post office, tavern, rooming house (perhaps even a brothel?) and hotel earned its real fame in the 1970s as home to the biggest names in Blues Rock history, and is now well established as one of the most prestigious music venues in the country.

Along with the music and good American food, plenty of guests and staff report the Stanhope House Ghost is as active as ever, whether moving the candles on your table or washing glasses overnight. After two hundred years of history, it's no real surprise that they've picked up some stragglers along the way.

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