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You'll find here some of the top tickets to the Paramount Theatre at Asbury Park Convention Hall!

buy paramount theater tickets
Paramount Theatre at Asbury Park Convention Hall 
Monmouth County

1300 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park NJ

One of the top venues around when it comes to live performances, the wonderful acoustics of this historic theater make events of all types a special and unforgettable experience. The theater's versatility of events is part of its charm and keeps visitors coming back again and again. See a famous Broadway play one week and an opera the next - rock concerts, plays and much more are on the Paramount's ever-changing events schedule.

Seating for 1,600 means the stage is easily viewable no matter where one sits and makes each performance an intimate experience.

Connected to the famous Asbury Park Convention Hall by a broad covered section of boardwalk called the Grand Arcade this venue is near wonderful boardwalk shopping, eateries and bars. Take a pleasant stroll along the beach and appreciate the scenery when you visit.

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