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The Great Auditorium 
Monmouth County

54 Pittman Avenue, Ocean Grove NJ

Since 1894 this impressive auditorium has been used for events of all types. Originally built as a place to hold revival meetings and church services, the role of the auditorium has evolved over the years to include conventions, ceremonies and concerts of all types.

The elegant curved wooden ceiling of this historic building gives it an acoustic advantage which enables whoever is onstage to be heard throughout the entire auditorium whether they are a speaker or a rock band. With seating for 6,250 people it's no wonder the auditorium is called "great."

When attending Ocean Grove auditorium events, visitors are sure to be charmed by the surrounding area town. With a main street lined with charming shops and some great eateries, there's enough to do here for several days. Hotels and area bed and breakfasts abound, so if your event is going to end late there's no need to worry about a long drive home.

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