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The Chelsea Market / Meatpacking District Food and Culture Walking Tour

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The Central Greenwich Village / SoHo Food and Culture Walking Tour

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Greenwich Village Off The Beaten Path
A food tasting and cultural walking tour Rates the

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Foods of New York Tour
This tour is fabulous and is well worth the price for all that you get. We rate the Greenwich village tour a 5 out of 5 possible stars. The tour is an amazing 3 hours, packed with NYC culture as well as terrific genuine Greenwich Village Culinary treats. Pictured to the right is the first stop where our tour started at the famous Bruno's bakery. Inside, the wonderful aromas, filled our noses. It was a special feeling being inside one of the most nostalgic Bakeries in the world!
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Rocco's Pastry & Expresso Cafe
We started out by tasting sweet pastries and learning history about two of Greenwich Villages' best bakery's. We received a bottle of water and a wonderful area guide to refer to on future visits. Our tour guide Cindy introduced herself and explained the plan for the next 3 exciting hours to come. Cindy, a village resident herself, was absolutely wonderful! It was nice to have someone who was so knowledgeable of the all the culture that this village has to offer. Cindy surely spiced up the experience with her terrific personality.

Beautiful City Sights
On to the streets! See and hear wonderful New York History as you walk the streets of Greenwich Village. There is much history to this small section of New York. Cindy stopped every now and then and gave us great history tidbits as well as many interesting stories of the old neighborhood. It amazed us that this was such a quiet and beautiful neighborhood. Contrary to a misconceived belief, Greenwich Village is an impeccably clean, and safe neighborhood!

Murray's Cheese shop
Inside Murray's, we were greeted by an extremely friendly staff, and were given a chance to browse around this truly amazing Cheese specialty shop. After browsing for a while we were led upstairs to a small tasting room as a platter of delicious cheeses and olives were awaiting our arrival. Murray's is much more than just a cheese shop. You will find many other fine Italian delicacies including homemade condiments, sauces, and breads. Murray's will deliver those hard to find cheeses and specialties right to your doorstep. 


Faicco's Italian Specialties
This is one of the best Italian specialty stores I have ever been in. The prices were unbelievably reasonable for such upscale store. It is small but classic pork store with extremely fresh meats and nice selection of specialties. They make fresh homemade sausage and mozzarella daily. They say that Faicco's makes the best pork in town. We had the pleasure of tasting an Italian Rice ball stuffed with cheese and prosciutto. This is one store I will travel from NJ to visit time and time again.

Aphrodesia Herbs, spices, scents and oils
Visit one of the coolest little shops around. Aphrodesia is an absolute amazing herb shop. They have the freshest dried herbs from all around the world. Pictured here is just a small display of all the varieties of herbs, spices and oils they have to offer. They also have a nice selection of unique gifts. The herbs and spices are sold by the ounce at very reasonable prices. If you have odd recipes that call for unordinary spices, you will be sure to find them here. It was great just to walk around and smell all the spices of the world.

A Hidden Village gem!
Back to the streets! The sights and culture on this tour are unbelievable. Pictured to the right was by far my favorite experience on the tour. This is the entrance to an old speakeasy. Speakeasies were hidden clubs or bars which sold alcohol secretly and illegally during the prohibition era. The entrances weren't marked and only certain people, usually of a certain clique could find them. The entrance pictured here was a spot for poets and writers. True to tradition, Its entrance is unmarked, as the days of old. What a gem of a place to find on the Foods of New York Greenwich Village tour. This bar is a famous NYC landmark frequented by many celebrities. There are no signs of any kind, and you would never know of this terrific spot, if you casually walked by. Imagine the delight of your friends, when you take them to the village and show them this hidden bar, that only you will know of by taking the tour!

See historic brownstones and co-ops

All this and much much more
See and learn about all the charming neighborhood restaurants as well as landmark speakeasys from the roaring 20's during prohibition. See the narrowest and the oldest wooden house in the village. Taste chocolate from the oldest chocolate shop in the village. Enjoy the historic architecture and culture from the early 1800s. Find hidden gardens and beautiful courtyards so that you can come back and explore all the cool spots with your friends. See all the famous poetry, jazz, blues, and folk venues. Learn about life in the Village and actually live it for this special day. You will taste pizza from a real New York style pizzeria and a gyro from a middle eastern Turkish eatery. On your venture you will learn where all the good unknown village accommodations are. Using your tour book that you receive, you will be able to return confidently in the future and enjoy all that Greenwich village has to offer!

This is one of the most romantic, Date idea, day trips that the New Jersey Tri-state has to offer.

One of the many beautiful architectural
sights you will discover on the foods of New York
Greenwich village "Off the beaten Path" Tour

This Greenwich Village tour is offered Tues.-Sun. year round

Prices are $49.00 Per person. Click Here for more info and to reserve online. Or, if you prefer, you can call 212-913-9964 for reservations. Tell the Foods of New York that you found them on!

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