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Day Trip of NY and NJ In One Day Rates  

Best of New York- New Jersey Day Trip
A visit to Dumbo to try the best Pizza in NY - The biggest and best Build a Bear workshop -
The best Off- broadway Play in NY and - The Best Hamburger in NJ

Our family day trip - The best of NY & NJ
Our Saturday started out as any normal Saturday until, my husband woke my daughter and I, and said "hurry up get dressed everyone we're going out for the day". Just to clue you in a little, around our house when you hear those words, you usually would start to worry. In the past he has planned some of the craziest day trips we can remember.  Anyway, we were on our way around 10:00am. After we arrived at a parking deck in Manhattan our minds were working overtime on exactly where we would end up. We all piled in a yellow cab. This is our daughter's favorite way to travel around New York, as she doesn't like to walk. We as adults prefer to walk because pulling out your wallet for a cab ride in Manhattan these days usually costs about as much lunch would for all three of us. We finally arrived at what was the first of our many adventures for the day. Let the fun begin!

Even your Bears can eat at Build-a Bear in NYC
 The BIGGEST Build-A-Bear Store in the world. When we pulled up in our cab, I looked over at our daughters' Build a Bear face (which she was holding in her arms) and I could swear that it suddenly cracked a smile on its face also! Well if you have ever heard about how awesome this place is, they were right, it was all that and more. Two whole floors of nothing but Bears and minature clothes. To my surprise from across the room, I saw my husband in line with all the other kids with a lifeless little brown monkey in his arms awaiting his turn at the stuffing machine. Who he later picked out and dressed in a black Harley Davidson T-shirt. Our daughter stuffed a cow and dressed it in a purple summer outfit. We then ventured downstairs to the Build-A-Bear Caf? We seated our bears in small chairs at our table while our daughter munched on unbelievably good Chicken nuggets. After 2 hours of great Bear fun, we finally were on our way to our next adventure. rates Build-A-Bear 4  out of 5 

Build-a-Bear NYC 

The best Pizza in NY can be found at Grimaldi's in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn
This time to our surprise my husband said lets skip the cab and led us to the subway. Our daughter likes to strap hang on the subway as there is just something nostalgic about it. We ended up at stop two of our adventure.  DUMBO.  No, not Disney Land as I thought. But,- Down Under (the) Manhattan Brooklyn Overpass in Brooklyn.  Our main reason for this stop was to visit the #1 Zagat Rated Pizza in New York.  Grimaldi's Pizza.  When we arrived we had to stand on a line out front just to get in the place. This line we later found out is the norm around here for Grimaldi's Pizza.  After 2 hours at Build a Bear, my husband's face lit up when we were finally seated and they offered Bottled Beer, and at only $4.00 a bottle. After deciding our toppings we placed our order for the famous pizza.
It was a little chilly outside that day so our daughter ordered a cup of hot chocolate. We would highly recommend Grimaldi's Hot Chocolate. We all agreed it was the best hot chocolate we've ever had. When we visit places to eat and try the foods on our website, we don't bring pens, papers, notebooks or check off lists etc. We vote the food the old fashion way, by show of hands after we're all finished. Our daughter loves mozzarella cheese, but not fresh mozzarella cheese as they used on the pie, so she didn't care for the pizza. Daddy who is usually the pizza connoisseur in the house said it was a very decent pie, but not the best.  I on the other hand, loved it and would drive all the way back to Brooklyn for another pie today. It truly was one of the best thin crust oven baked Pies I have ever had. We again boarded the subway on our way to our third destination. rates Gramaldi's Pizza 4  out of 5

Grimaldi's Pizzeria 

Slava's Snowshow is the best Off-Broadway Play in New York

To our Surprise my husband had bought tickets to one of the hottest plays in New York right now. Salva's Snowshow.  I had no idea what this play was all about at all.  As we entered the theater my feet were covered in what looked like snow which was all over the floor of the lobby, and I grinned as I suspected that we were in for a quite a surprise.  And what a surprise we got. Slava's Snowshow was spectatular, entertaining, funny, and sad all at the same time. It was just an all around unvelievable experience for all of us. After the amazing grand finale Blizzard of a snow storm, I found myself at the concession stand purchasing the CD sound track, which I rarely do after Plays. We played it all the way home in the car, remembering scenes from the play. Our day wasn't quite over just yet.  Dad had one more trick up his sleeve. rates Slava's Snowshow 5  out of 5

Slava's Snowshow 

The Best Hamburger in New Jersey Bar None is at Stage Left
Driving down the turnpike he exited off at exit 9, New Brunswick. We were on our way to now try the New Jersey monthly voted best hamburger in the state of New Jersey. The burger in question is prepared at Stage Left Restaurant in New Brunswick NJ. Unfortunately for us they had no tables available when we arrived, so we had to wait a little while. Reservations are strongly suggested. We went in anyway and waited at the bar till we were called. By now our daughter was just begging for a Subway ham sandwich. We were seated at a great table right by the front window. It was great for watching the bustle of the New Brunswick Streets on a Saturday night. We decided to order one burger (since we were told they were huge) and split it.  Let me tell you when they say the Best Burger, they weren't kidding. It was by far the Best burger we ever had. By show of hands after we all finished, it was an unanimous vote. Our daughter only being 10, even boasted about the amount of juice left on her plate after she was finished. Getting a compliment like that from any child who swears by McDonalds is a sure bet that their taste improves with age. We will be back to Stage Left, but next time we will all order our own burger.  It's not sharing mine with anyone. rates Stage Left Restaurant 5 out of 5

Stage Left Restaurant 
5 Livingston Ave
New Brunswick NJ

 A Day trip that your kids will never forget! And neither will we.
So all in all, our day of setting out to try the best of the best, leads me to this review page. By following our itinerary and ordering a few tickets in advance you to can gather your own opinions of the Biggest Build a Bear Store in Manhattan, Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn, Salva's SnowShow on Off Broadway and the best Hamburger in New Jersey at Stage Left in New Brunswick. One hint,- forget the cabs and buy a daily metro card for the subway, you'll save big bucks.  I bet my husband is already planning for our next surprise Day Trip adventure!. See ya. 

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