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Best Hot Dogs in NJ

Few things are as mysteriously satisfying as a great hot dog. New Jersey is home to some of the best hot dogs in the country. It's also the birthplace of the Italian hot dog! See the best hot dogs in NJ here.

Northwestern NJ
Hot Dog Johnny’s
333 US 46, Belvidere, NJ

Hot Dog Johnny's best hot dogs in NJ Classic NJ hot dogs
Hot Dog Johnny’s has been family owned and operated since 1944 and has been featured on the Travel Channel as one of the most popular roadside stands in the country. People rave about this classic NJ hot dog stand. The deep fried hot dogs-sourced from a local butcher and made with a secret recipe- are offered with your choice of only 5 toppings. Enjoy one (or more) with mustard, onions, a pickle, ketchup and/or relish. The simple goodness and old-time feel have kept people coming back for these delicious dogs for almost 70 years!

Awesome roadside NJ food stop

Northeastern NJ
Tommy’s Italian Sausage and Hot Dogs (No website)
900 2nd Ave, Elizabeth, NJ

Tommy's Italian Sausage and Hot Dogs best hot dogs in New Jersey Delicious potatoes on your hot dogs!
Italian hot dogs were invented and popularized in New Jersey, and Tommy’s Italian Sausage and Hot Dogs is one of the best places for these delicious NJ creations. An Italian hot dog is served on a pizza dough roll and topped with bell peppers, onions and potatoes. The humble walk-up-window establishment has been featured on notable food media outlets. The best thing about Tommy’s might be their amazing potatoes, which are diagonally sliced, fried to perfection and well-seasoned with salt. Try them on your hot dog and be sure to get a cup on the side too!

Tasty Italian hot dogs

Northeastern NJ
Jerry’s Famous Frankfurters (No website)
906 2nd Ave, Elizabeth, NJ

Jerry's Famous Frankfurters best hot dog NJ Yummy chili dogs
Literally steps away from Tommy’s, you’ll find Jerry’s Frankfurters, another top NJ hot dog joint. Jerry’s franks come with your choice of traditional east coast hot dog toppings- chili, cheese, mustard, onions and mustard. They have that perfect “snap” that hot dog aficionados seek. People argue whether Jerry’s or Tommy’s is better, but they’re both delicious enough to be considered some of the best hot dogs in New Jersey.

Hot dogs with a "snap"

Central NJ
Destination Dogs
9 Spring St, New Brunswick, NJ

Destination Dogs NJ best hot dogs Gourmet hot dog creations
Although it is not widely-known throughout the state, Destination Dogs is a must-visit spot for anyone who loves hot dogs and sausages. The Destination Dogs menu features amazing gourmet hot dog and sausage creations inspired by cuisines from all around the world. The Domestic Dogs feature hot dog favorites from around the USA. For those who are even more adventurous, there are plenty of delicious International Dogs to choose from- try the “Conquistadog”, a spicy chorizo creation topped with Spanish fried potatoes, spicy mayo and scallions, the “Hebrew Hammer” which comes topped with latkes, onions and spicy brown mustard and more. The prices are great, the menu is creative, and the duck fat fries are amazing too!

Internationally-inspired hot dogs!

Northeastern NJ
Rutt’s Hut
417 River Rd, Clifton, NJ

Rutt's Hut New Jersey's best hot dogs Try the ripper
Rutt’s Hut “ripper” has been named one of the best hot dogs in America by USA Today. They are called rippers because the casing rips a bit when the hot dogs are deep-fried, leaving them perfectly crispy and delicious. The menu also features hot dogs known as “cremators” and “wellers”, but the ripper is what Rutt’s Hut is famous for. Don’t forget to add some of their amazing relish on top of your hot dog, and save room for their renowned onion rings too!

Deep-fried so perfectly that the skin rips apart!

Northeastern NJ
Hiram’s Roadstand (No website)
1345 Palisade Ave, Fort Lee, NJ

Hiram's Roadstand best NJ hot dogs Deep-fried hot dogs
Another New Jersey deep-fried hot dog mecca is Hiram’s Roadstand in Fort Lee. The hot dogs are deep-fried to your liking (well done or light) and can be topped with Hiram’s savory chili and other toppings. The onion rings and fries are also perfectly done and go great with the hot dogs. Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has raved about Hiram’s Roadstand on the Travel Channel. It is a formidable competitor to Rutt’s Hut, but you can decide which one you like better!

A New Jersey hot dog favorite

Central NJ
The WindMill
200 Ocean Ave North, Long Branch, NJ and other locations

WindMill Long Branch best hot dogs in NJ Giant hot dogs!
A local alternative to the giant chain that is Nathan’s is Windmill, based right in New Jersey. There are plenty of locations throughout the state, but the original is in Long Branch and has been open since 1964. The giant foot-long hot dogs have a nice, crisp skin that has that perfect snap. Order yours with cheese drizzled all over it, or save the cheese for your fries. Either way, hot dog lovers are sure to have a great meal at this Jersey Shore favorite.

Multiple locations throughout the state

Northeastern NJ
Jimmy Buff’s Italian Hot Dogs
60 Washington St, West Orange, NJ

Jimmy Buff's NJ best hot dogs Birthplace of the Italian hot dog!
Original owner James “Buff” Racioppi invented the famous Italian hot dog in 1932, and there is no arguing that Jimmy Buff’s is still one of the best places in NJ to get your hands on one. The original Italian hot dog is fried in cholesterol-free soybean oil, right along with the crispy potatoes that top it. It is served on a Italian pizza bread with sautéed peppers and onions. The best way to experience the Jimmy Buff’s legend is ordering it as “a double”, which has two hot dogs on half a pizza roll along with all the toppings.

Nothing beats the original Italian hot dog!

Central NJ
Max’s Famous Hot Dogs
25 Matilda Ter, Long Branch, NJ

Max's Famous Hot Dogs best hot dogs in NJ Foot-long hot dogs
A true Jersey Shore original, Max’s Famous Hot Dogs is retro hot dog joint in NJ that won’t disappoint. The hot dogs are a foot long, grilled perfectly and served on a soft roll. The cheese dog is sliced in half and real cheese is placed right in the middle instead of on top. The French fries and onion rings are also great. Max’s Famous Hot Dogs is cash-only. Stop by for an awesome hot dog before you hit the beach.

Grab some before hitting the shore

Northeastern NJ
Johnny and Hanges
23-20 Maple Ave, Fair Lawn, NJ

Johnny and Hanges best hot dogs in NJ Awesome Texas Wieners
Visit Johnny and Hanges for one of the best Texas wieners in NJ. The hot dog is deep-fried, and if you get it “all the way”, it is topped with chili, onions and mustard. The chili sauce is made using a special recipe and it is what makes a regular hot dog a “Texas wiener”. Johnny and Hanges is a local North Jersey favorite that is worth a visit if you are a hot dog connoisseur, or even if you’re just looking for a tasty NJ treat.

Topped with a delicious special chili sauce

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Best Hot Dogs in New Jersey

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