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For years on end, NJ has been the site for music creation and innovation. Countless hours have been spent in studios, making, recording, mixing, and producing to create the best possible end product. Stars such as Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi have even utilized some of the studios, so you know we're not messing around! Dedicate yourself to your music and make your sound exactly how you want it. Contribute to the ever-growing music scene in New Jersey. Record Studios give you the opportunity to have a personal and sensational musical experience. To encompass yourself in the perfect creative atmosphere when recording music, check out this list of NJ record studios below.

Northern Shore Region NJ
182 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ 07740

Shorefire NJ Record Studio Making Music since 1977!
Started in 1977, ShoreFire has been home to many music legends including Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. With such a diverse clientele, ShoreFire is able to captivate artists of all genres. The trained professionals working at ShoreFire are making it essential to blend the best of the old with the freshness of today. Some of the services provided by ShoreFire include mixing, music production, artist development, recording, and much more! If you are looking for a professional, reliable recording studio, ShoreFire is the place to be!

Preferred recording studio of popular musicians!

Northern NJ
347 S. Salem Street, Dover, NJ 07801

Showplace Record Studios NJ Vintage Gear Creating Music Magic!
Showplace recording studio allows you to have the best of both worlds. From its large live recording room to a variety of acoustical treatments, Showplace is able to deliver recordings of all sizes. Acoustical treatments are comprised of three soundproof booths in which you can isolate particular instruments to obtain the right sound! The control room is very spacious offering the essential equipment for all your recording, mixing and mastering needs. Also at Showplace you can find a vocal booth that will enhance your voice recordings. Showplace is perfect for creating music magic!

World Class NJ Recording Studio

Northern NJ
Sonic Park
26 Park Place, Paramus, NJ 07652

Sonic Park NJ Record Studio State of the Art Equipment!
Sonic Park creates a relaxing atmosphere to get those creative juices flowing. Its sun lit rooms allow the musicians and producers to get that homey feeling when recording. No matter if you are a solo act or part of a large band, the ambiance will be perfectly altered to fit your style. With state of the art equipment, Sonic Park is able to capture the sound you were looking for. Aside from in the studio work, Professionals working at Sonic Park can use their expertise to record a live performances and concerts.

Sonic Park specializes in a wide variety of music opportunities from commercials to music videos. If you are looking to better your band's image, Sonic Park will help you from start to finish. This recording studio will use its experience to enable you to connect with fans. When you record at Sonic Park you are not just getting another mix, you are getting the complete package!

Inexpensive Recording Studio in NJ!

Northeast NJ
Music Machine Studio
340 West Pleasantview Ave., Hackensack, NJ 07601

Music Machine Studio Recording Studios in Northern NJ A recording studio in Northeast NJ
Music Machine Studio in Hackensack, NJ has a state of the art facility that is just 8 minutes from the George Washington Bridge. With excellent instruments and recording equipment on site, local bands are welcome to come and record their work. The services Music Machine Studio provides includes band recordings, audio recordings, mastering, composition, mixing, voice overs and so much more!

Not only will this NJ recording studio help you record your music, but they will also provide you with the equipment you may need. Their equipment list includes mixers, samplers, PA systems, amplifiers, drums and pianos, synthesizers and anything else you could think of or need. Whether you are looking to provide voiceover for a video or record a song with your band, Music Machine Studio has the equipment you need and the staff is more than happy to help you make your recording sound perfect.

A variety of recording services are available

Northern NJ
The Burn Room
5419 Berkshire Valley Road, Jefferson, NJ 07438

The Burn Room Record Studios in NJ Offering A Comfortable Atmosphere!
The Burn Room was created out of the pure love for music. It is a studio that strives off of integrating the passion for great music. The services you may receive when visiting the Burn Room include recording, mixing, mastering, and licensing. This NJ recording studio encompasses a comfortable atmosphere to allow your creativity and imagination to run wild. The key to making great music is allowing you to let go in a fun atmosphere. The Burn Room is open to a diverse set of genres to appeal to almost any band or musician.

Premier NJ Recording Studio!

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Before heading in the studio to record your next hit, perfect your skills by taking Music Lessons in NJ. After recording music magic, you are probably eager to play in front of a live crowd. Whether you want to play at one of the many Concert Venues in NJ or just go to listen to awesome music, we provided you with all the information you need.

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