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Best Bars to Meet Someone at the Jersey Shore

Best Pick-up Bars at the Jersey Shore

Bars to Meet Someone down the NJ Shore

Surround yourself with others your age during your night out on the town. Bars in the shore area have the perfect upbeat and fun environment that facilitates meeting a new person of interest to you! Share some drinks and get out on the dance floor to lose yourselves in the music. The best pick up bars down the NJ shore can help you to connect with someone special.

Central NJ
Bar Anticipation
703 16th Avenue, Lake Como, NJ 07719

Bar Anticipation Best Pick-up Bars down the Jersey Shore Find your Special Someone at the Jersey Shore!
Bar Anticipation in Belmar NJ is one of the Jersey Shore's hottest bars! It's a favorite among the young crowd and you’re sure to find someone with your same interests! During the summer Bar A is packed all day inside and out, either at the indoor bar or at the newest addition, Grotto Beach. Spend the day soaking up some sun and delicious drinks while browsing the scene looking for your next date. The daytime is the perfect time to find someone who catches your eye. Have a friendly conversation over great food and drinks before the bar is too loud for conversation!

By night Bar A transformers and its packed wall to wall with the younger crowd looking to dance the night away. If you find someone who catches your eye it won’t take long before you two are dancing, singing and having a great time! It might be too loud to talk, but chemistry flows when the music is up loud! Grab all your friends and head down to Bar Anticipation, you never know if you’ll find the love of your life at this Jersey Shore bar!

Great drinks, great music and tons of people every night!

Central NJ
Aztec Bar
901 Boardwalk Ave, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751

Aztec Bar Best Jersey Shore Bars to pick-up someone A favorite among the younger crowd of the Jersey Shore!
Aztec Bar has become a Jersey Shore tradition! It is a hit among the younger crowd and a great place to meet someone day or night. It is smaller than most Seaside bars, but is packed with great music, lots of drinks and a variety of people. Come for afternoon drinks and start up a conversation with someone new. There’s always a wide range of people from around New Jersey and the Tri-state area, so you’ll always have someone interesting to talk to. The small bar will give you the perfect setting to start your conversation.

At night Aztec Bar turns into a mini nightclub! Live DJ's perform all the hottest music of today and the bartenders are pouring endless drinks so you're sure to meet great people while you and all your friends are dancing the night away! The romantic beach overlook of Aztec Bar sets the perfect scene for you to meet that special someone at the Jersey Shore!

The perfect place to meet someone at the NJ Shore!


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Best Jersey Shore Singles Bars

These Jersey Shore bars are the perfect place to find meet someone! Whether you're looking for a weekend companion or the love of your life, these bars offer the perfect setting to kick-off your relationship. Great drinks and better music will start the connection for you! If you're coming to the Jersey Shore looking for love, these are great places to start.

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