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Best Raw Bars down the Jersey Shore

Best Jersey Shore Raw Bars

Seafood Bars down the Jersey Shore

Raw bars are a huge part of the shore culture. Slurp oysters and enjoy clams while breathing in the salty sea air. Oyster shooters are another major specialty of raw bars and a must-try. Bring your special someone on a date to one of the listed bars. After all, oysters and similar mollusks are considered aphrodisiacs.

Central NJ
Martell's Raw Bar
Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742

Martell's Raw Bar Best Jersey Shore Raw Bars Wide selection of seafood at the NJ Shore!
Seafood lovers will have a field day at Martell’s Raw Bar! Located in Martell’s Tiki Bar, they feature all the best seafood the Jersey Shore has to offer, paired with amazing drinks! Sit down to a delicious lunch or dinner of oysters, clams, shrimp and lobster! They have one of the widest selections of seafood at the Jersey Shore! Pair your fresh seafood assortment with some of their complimentary drinks like Vodka Screwdrivers or a Tequila Sunrise! Martell’s Raw Bar is the perfect place to enjoy an assortment of shellfish and delicious drinks! The raw bar is open all year so you can enjoy your favorite seafood all year long!

Some of the freshest seafood at the Jersey Shore!

Southern NJ
Beach Creek
500 West Hand Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 08260

Beach Creek Wildwood NJ Best Seafood Bars at the Jersey Shore Fresh Seafood, live entertainment & great drinks!
Come down to Beach Creek in North Wildwood, New Jersey for an afternoon of live entertainment, fresh seafood paired with delicious drinks! They have a full menu of seafood inspired dishes, but their raw bar is what keeps customers coming back every season! Beach Creek features some of the freshest clams and oysters in the Southern Shore Region of the Jersey Shore! Although their raw bar is famous for the oysters and clams, they also have a wide variety of other shellfish including shrimp cocktail and lump crab meat cocktails!

One of the most unique dishes on their raw bar menu is their famous Prussian Pearls an interesting mix of oysters chilled with vodka, sour cream, minced red onions and caviar. Prussian Pearls is one of the most unique and popular items on the raw bar menu! Come down to Beach Creek for an afternoon of delicious shellfish and perfectly paired drinks!

One of the best Raw Bars in Wildwood!


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Best Raw Bars down the Jersey Shore

These Raw Bars at the Jersey Shore have some of the freshest seafood in all of New Jersey! They pair delicious seafood with amazing drinks and live entertainment! Many are open all year with seafood as fresh as in the summer shipped special for you to enjoy! Come down to the Jersey Shore and taste some of the best seafood in New Jersey!

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