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Dive Bars down the Jersey Shore

Best Dive Bars in the New Jersey Shore towns

Best Dive Bars down the Jersey Shore

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Central NJ
The Stone Pony
913 Ocean Ave., Asbury Park, NJ 07712

The Stone Pony Best Dive Bars down the Jersey Shore Jersey Shore Dive Bar for over 35 years!
If you’re looking for a Jersey Shore tradition, this is the place to come! They’ve been a Jersey Shore retreat for good food, great drinks and better company for over 35 years. They are the best-known live music venue and have quickly grown from a small bar to a local dive bar sensation! At The Stone Pony you will hear everything from local up-and-coming bands to well-known bands from around the state. But people haven’t been coming back for 35 years just because of the bands, people know The Stone Pony as a local bar where you’re sure to run into high school pals, people you haven’t seen in years and locals that can’t stay away. You probably know the waitresses and bartenders by name and will usually see the same people sitting at the bar every week. The Stone Pony, still a small, local bar, is known throughout the Jersey Shore as the place to come to see a familiar face.

People keep coming back for the live music and great company!

Central NJ
1 Boardwalk Ave., Seaside Heights, NJ 08751

Jack-n-Bills Dive Bars down the NJ Shore #1 Dive Bar at the Jersey Shore for 2 years!
Jack n Bills is one of the best known bars at the Jersey Shore. If they don’t know you when you walk in the door, before you leave you’ll know the whole staff by name! They pride themselves on being a small, local dive bar with a huge personality! Sit at the bar, grab a bite to eat and a drink and enjoy the company of Seaside locals and those who have been coming to Jack n Bills for over 20 years! There’s always someone at the bar to talk to, including the bartender who will know your favorite drink before the night is over! Come out for drink and food specials daily!

“Where everyone knows your name!”


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Best Dive Bars down the NJ Shore

If you’re looking for a new home away from home, these dive bars down the Jersey Shore have you covered. It may be your first time walking in the door, but the bartenders and friendly staff will make sure it’s not your last. You’ll know everyone at these Jersey Shore dive bars by first name basis after only one visit!

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