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Best College Bars in NJ

Best College Bars New Jersey

With the large amount of college towns in New Jersey, there is no suprise that there are just as many NJ college bars. So, when you're looking for a cool place to go on a Friday night with your buddies, check out this guide to the top college bars in NJ.

Northern Shore Region NJ
Paul's Tavern
1705 Main Street, Lake Como, NJ 07719

Paul's Tavern Jersey Shore College Bars Best college bar in Lake Como!
Set up as a modest Irish bar in Lake Como, Paul's Tavern has recently recreated itself and is now known as the single largest indoor bar in Lake Como, as well as one of the largest bars at the Jersey Shore! A number of renovations and expansions have been completed throughout the 35 years since Paul's Tavern has opened, adapting to the ever-changing Jersey Shore crowd. College students from around New Jersey continuously flock to Paul’s Tavern for their nightly specials on food and drinks, performances by live bands or DJs on the weekends and, most of all, the cool atmosphere. Watch college teams from NJ and around the country on one of their 70-inch TVs surrounding the bar any time of the year. Come out for an afternoon of sports and drinks or a night of local live music and dancing!

Located on the Jersey Shore!

Northern NJ
Huey's Knight Club
164 Easton Ave., New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Best College Bars NJ The Knight Club Grab a Drink at this Rutgers Bar!
Known as a #1 bar at Rutgers, Huey's Knights Club is one of the most popular hotspots for Rutgers students. Whether you're a Rutgers student looking for a fun place to go to after class and homework, or you simply live in the New Brunswick area, Huey's Knight Club is a perfect place to get some great drinks and enjoy an unforgettable night of dancing and socializing with local Rutgers students in New Brunswick.

With a large selection of delicious mixed drinks, beer and wine, Huey's Knight Club is guaranteed to offer your favorite alcoholic beverage. Grab your Rutgers buddies and head to this iconic college bar in central New Jersey!

They have plasma TV's and a large dance floor!

Southern NJ
Brighton Bar
121 Brighton Avenue, Long Branch, NJ 07740

Best College Bars in NJ Brighton Bar A Jersey Shore College Bar!
If you attend school down the Jersey Shore, whether it is at Monmouth or Georgian Court, then you have most likely heard of Brighton Bar. Conveniently located in Long Branch, Brighton Bar is just a short distance from Monmouth University. With live performances every weekend, you are sure to have an unforgettable time at this live venue college bar in NJ!

Are you in college but aren't 21 yet? Don't worry, if you're 18 or older, you can get into the shows as long as you bring ID! Whether you're just looking for a fun place to meet new people and enjoy the music or a cool bar to drink at, Brighton Bar is definitely one of the top college bars on the Jersey Shore.

Live music, great drinks and a great environment!

Northern NJ
Tierney's Tavern
136-138 Valley Road, Montclair, NJ 07042

Best College Bars NJ Tierney's Tavern Check Out this Irish Bar near Montclair University!
Are you a student at Montclair University and looking for a cool spot to grab some drinks? Then Tierney's Tavern is the perfect place for you! Whether you're looking to meet new people or have a fun night out with your friends, Tierney's Tavern provides everything you'll need to have an unforgettable time. With live blues, rock and roll, jazz and big band music on the weekends, you can guarantee to be entertained from the second you walk through the door until you leave.

Not only can you find awesome entertainment and great drinks here, but you can also grab a delicious traditional American or Irish meal! For a great time with music, drinks and food, stop in at Tierney's Tavern!

They have live music every weekend!

Central NJ
The Ivy Inn
248 Nassau St., Princeton, NJ 08542

The Ivy Inn College Bars in NJThe Best College Bar in Princeton!
The Ivy Inn, affectionately referred to as "The Divey League" is a change of pace from most Princeton bars and restaurants. While the surrounding restaurants and bars are more suited to grab a special dinner or after work drinks, The Ivy Inn is ready to party! On any day of the week you'll find Princeton's students grabbing a pint or catching a live show! Anyone between the ages of 21 and 30 will feel right at home here.

Try the new menu! 

Southern NJ
Rho Waterfront
50 Riverview Plaza, Trenton, NJ 08611

Rho Waterfront College Bars in NJ Examiner voted #1 Trenton College Bar!
Rho must be doing something right to be voted the best college bar in Trenton. A city that's surrounded by two of New Jersey's premier colleges, TCNJ and Rider, there's a lot of competition for the title of best college bar, but after visiting the place, it's easy to tell why they're so highly rated.

Rho is complete the complete experience with dining options, indoor and outdoor bar, and a dance area. For TCNJ and Rider students, they have a "College Night" on Thursdays with discounted drinks. If you're a college student in NJ, check out this NJ College Bar!

Check out the College Night Discount every Thursday!

Northern NJ
Zeppelin Hall Restaurant and Biergarten
88 Liberty View Drive, Jersey City, NJ 07305

Zeppelin Hall New Jersey College BarsThe Best Oktoberfest outside of Munich!
What do college students like more than beer? Nothing. Thus why Zeppelin Hall makes this list hands down. Zeppelin Hall has one of the most extensive beer selections in New Jersey, and they aren't messing around. They're serving some of the best microbrews that the United States has to offer, Oktoberfest favorites Hofbrau and Spaten, as well as other imported beers such as Krusovice Cerne.

Zeppelin Hall also hosts one of the biggest Oktoberfests in the tri-state area. For three weeks they celebrate the Bavarian Holiday with polka music and contests and prizes! It's an experience not to miss!

An authentic biergarten in Jersey City, NJ!

Central NJ
Olde Queens Tavern
108 Easton Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Old Queens Tavern, NJ College BarsRutgers' oldest sports bar!
"Serving the Rutgers community since 1933, OQT is a longstanding favorite of Rutgers students and alumni" the website boasts. And if you're there on a Friday or Saturday night, you know its true. The amount of Rutgers T-shirts or hoodies is amazing. The bar serves some pretty good beers and run regular game day promotions.

Aside from the overwhelming college presence at this NJ bar, they also serve (and deliver!) some of the most unique burgers in the area. With over 20 burgers to choose from, everyone will find one they like! Burgers come in all white, chicken meat or vegetarian varieties.

An authentic college bar with authentic burgers!

Central NJ
The Alchemist & Barrister
28 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ 08542

Best College Bars in NJ The Alchemist & Barrister A Great Bar Near Princeton, Rider & TCNJ!
Conveniently located in the heart of Princeton, the Alchemist and Barrister is an iconic college bar in New Jersey. It is within miles of Princeton University, Rider University, TCNJ and the Westminster Choir College, so you can be sure to see a mixed crowd of college students every time. Along with great drinks and endless beer selections, the Alchemist and Barrister offers an unbeatable atmosphere.

Equip with two cozy dining rooms, a traditional pub room and a spacious patio, the Alchemist and Barrister offers beautiful decor in every room. Stop in for some Princeton-style dining and drinks at the Alchemist and Barrister today!

Located in a beautiful historic building in Princeton!


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Best Bars for College Students in NJ

Whether you're a current college student or you're looking to relive your crazy college days of the past, these top college bars in NJ are a great place to go to on the weekends. From Rutgers to TCNJ, this guide to the best college bars in NJ has it all.

Are you looking for college bars in areas outside of New Jersey? Then check out our guides to college bars in PA and college bars in NY.
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