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NJ baptism parties

Baptism Parties in NJ

Baptism Parties in NJ

If you're planning on having a baptism, why not throw a great party to celebrate? Check out our baptism party ideas in NJ!

Central NJ
Gennaro's Italian Restaurant
47 State Road, Princeton, NJ

Gennaro's Restaurant Baptism Parties in NJCatering or Eat-in at their Party Room!
After your child is baptized, you'll want to retire somewhere with your family to relax and celebrate. Gennaro's is perfect for either dining in, or getting food catered out. They have affordable pricing on various delicious italian spreads for catering. However, if you would prefer to have your guests meet at a location, their party room is perfect for groups of around 50 or so guests!

Whatever method of celebrating you choose, one thing is certain, you will be enjoying some high quality Italian cuisine. Give them a try next time you are having a baptism in NJ!

Delicious Italian food for catering or dining in!

Northern NJ
Solar Do Minho
15 Cleveland Street, Belleville, NJ

Solar Do Minho Baptism Parties in NJ Accomodating up to 60 Guests in Their Party Room!
Of all the places you can try and celebrate at after a baptism, no restaurant can provide what Solar Do Minho can. Their Brazilian style food will be a memorable treat to share with your family after a baptism. They have a party room available for you if you choose to go straight there after the baptism.

However, if you want to relax in the comfort of your own home, they have off-site catering available as well. Their off-site catering can serve up to 300 guests! So head on over to their website and arrange your catering or reservation today!

Delicious Brazilian cuisine your family won't soon forget!


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NJ Baptism Parties

If you are having a baptism, you'll want to throw a party after. Make sure you look at our guide to baptism parties in NJ!
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