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Having a party or event? Keep the party going with these incredible Party DJs in NJ!
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Southern NJ
Dance Party DJs
8109 North Black Horse PIke, Blackwood, NJ

Dance Party DJs DJs in NJ Get Your Whole Party Moving!
It's not enough just to have a few people dancing and moving on the floor, Dance Party DJs wants the whole party up and having fun. They have been keeping parties moving along for over 30 years, they know how to keep your event going. Dance Party DJs has been performing various events from weddings to sweet sixteens and everything in between. Through their website, you can listen to some of their mixing samples to get a feel for some of the music you'll be hearing.

Their DJs have, on average, 10 years of experience. So be sure to give them a listen and pick them up for your next big party or event!

Keep your party alive and kicking with Dance Party DJs!

Northern NJ
Party Time DJs
P.O. Box 1132, Paramus, NJ

Party Time DJs Djs in NJ Entertainment that will Make your Party Incredible!
The type of entertainment you have and the quality of that entertainment can either make or break your party. Don't let your DJ be the reason your party is subpar, hire Party Time DJs. They have been DJing major events in the tri-state area since 1985. Their experience is unparalleled and shows through in their professionalism and organizational skills.

In addition, they have other services such as lighting to accompany their DJing services. If you need a DJ for your next big event Party Time DJs is the way to go!

Providing some of the best DJing skills for over 30 years!


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NJ Party DJs

Any style of party DJ you need for your event or get together, we have here in our list. We hope you enjoyed our list of party DJ services in NJ.
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