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NJ karoake equipment for rent

Karaoke Equipment Rentals in NJ

Karaoke Equipment Rentals in NJ

Looking to throw a party and get your guests singing along? Check out our list of Karaoke Equipment Rentals in NJ!

Northern NJ
Shoemaker Entertainment, LLC
19 Wyngate Place, Somerdale, NJ

Shoemaker Entertainment Karaoke Rentals in NJ Full Service Rental Hall with Great Amenities!
When you're throwing a birthday party or a sweet sixteen, you can't just pick any old party hall. You have to find one with fantastic amenities! Fairfield Manor's Velvet Lounge has just that! A full service banquet lounge, cocktail bar, and main ballroom. This lounge is open until 1 am on the weekends, so the party can carry into the wee-hours of the night

They service everything from bar mitzvahs to business meeting. Whatever kind of party or event you're planning the Velvet Lounge can surely accommodate your needs! Check out their website for a list of buffet options, teenage menu, and package deals. You'll be glad you chose Fairfield Manor's Velvet Lounge!

A party just isn't a party unless it's at the Velvet Lounge!

Northern NJ
Servicing Greater NJ, Verona, NJ
Starlit Entertainment Karaoke Rentals in nJ Learn How to Run Your Own Karaoke Night!
OBefore you plan your next big event, check out Starlit Entertainment for some of the best karaoke equipment services in NJ. They offer to emcee for your event or simply drop-off the equipment, install it, and let you do your own thing. Starlit Entertainment works with its clients to provide them exactly what they want.

They offer different themed karaoke events like Idol Night, where it is set up to display like an American Idol competition. Check out all their wonderful amenities! 

Try their very exclusive Idol Night!


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NJ Karaoke Equipment Rentals

From the hits of Madonna to the Beatles, your guests will be belting out the hits with these karaoke equipment rentals. We have many varying sets of equipment to rent here for karaoke in NJ.
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For more amenities to include in your party check out these various concession rentals in NJ.
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