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NJ Chocolate Fountain Rentals

Chocolate Fountain Rentals in NJ

Rent a Chocolate Fountain in NJ

Nothing will guarantee throwing an unforgettable party more than a chocolate fountain rental in NJ!  Satisfy your party guests' love for chocolate by offering them a delicious NJ chocolate fountain!

Northern NJ
The Party Center
321 Fairfield Road, Fairfield, NJ

Party Center Chocolate Fountains NJ Enjoy Chocolate Fondue at Your Party!
You are guaranteed to throw the party of the year if you rent a chocolate fountain in NJ from the Party Center!  You and your guests can dip all types of yummy treat into the flowing chocolate, from strawberries and bananas to marshmellows and cookies.  Perfect as a dessert centerpiece, the Party Center's delectable chocolate fountains are a sure party hit!

You can choose between three chocolate fountain varieties, including an original brushed stainless fountain, a designer polished stainless fountain, and a miniature commercial stainless fountain.  No matter what size your party is, the Party Center will make accommodations for you.
Offering chocolate fountains that serve over 300 people!

Central NJ
Chocolate Velvet Fountains
Serving NY and NJ

Chocolate Velvet Fountains Chocolate Fountains NJ Sundae Buffet and Chocolate Dipping Bars and Fondues!
Since 2005, Chocolate Velvet Fountains has been so proud of their professional work in providing chocolate fountain packages of only the highest quality. Check out their site to see their beautiful work, taken from real live events. That way, you will know exactly what you can expect at your very special event when you invite Chocolate Velvet Fountains!

Dip strawberries, pineapples, bananas, pretzels, and more!


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NJ Chocolate Fountain Rentals

There is no denying that everyone loves chocolate, so treat yourself and your party guests with a chocolate fountain rental in NJ! We hope this list helped you in finding the perfect place to rent an NJ chocolate fountain.
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