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Storming Robots located in Branchburg, NJ, offers year-round robotics engineering and technology education for talented youth. Find information and reviews of Storming Robots.

Storming Robots reviews NJ

Storming Robots is a robotics learning center located in Branchburg, NJ that provides year- round robotics engineering and technology education for talented youth. The center offers grade school programs from Grade 3 to 12. It presents engineering challenges not commonly found in other robotics programs. Students learn the whole engineering process- from basic mechanical skills and building robots from scratch, to programming their own robots with true programming language. Storming Robots models its programs around robotics and engineering to develop and strengthen “Computational Thinking” and Analysis Skills.

Information on Storming Robots Students are grouped by skill set and grade level to attend weekly, project-based meetings. Each class is highly goal oriented and utilizes a hands-on structural format, enabling students to work to their fullest potential. Everything from building a robot to programming it with the intelligence to react to its environment is covered. Classes emphasize computational/algorithmic thinking, and provide continuous open-ended design challenges and engaging tasks. Students are taught to strengthen their problem-solving, analytical, and teamwork skills while working on increasingly complex robotics projects.

Roboclub: The center holds three ten- to twelve-week terms during the year- Fall, Winter, and Spring. Classes are available for third to twelfth graders, allowing for a progressive, intensive robotics education. Programs are offered for all skill levels, from Novice to Experienced, with projects presenting varying levels of complexity in order to stretch students’ potentials. The terms that that take place during the school year are the center’s “Roboclub”. It is a club rather than a class because learning about robotics should be fun, and the club is far more interactive, thought-stimulating, and engaging than courses taught in a conventional classroom setting.

Storming Robots reviewsSummer Workshops: During the summer, week long, full-day camps are held for students in grades three through twelve. Storming Robots Summer programs focus on problem solving and analysis, as well as mathematical applications with robotics engineering, from mechanical building skills to automation with robotic software programming. All hands-on projects are exercised via engineering process. The program has demonstrated success in delivering robotics education since 2005. All weeks are run with various themes, from Amusement Park with Robotics for Grade 3 to Physics with Robotics using various microcontrollers for upper middle and high school students. Students may sign up for a single week or for multiple weeks.

Special Technology Day Trip: The center also offers Technology Day Trips, where classes or groups can come for a day-long robotics workshops tailored specifically to their grade level and technical ability. Technology Day Trips are perfect for organizations such as Boy or Girl Scout Troops, Gifted and Talented Groups, Schools, etc.

Reviews of Storming Robots NJ Storming Robots students have ranked highly in both regional and world level competitions, such as the ZeroRobotics challenge hosted by MIT and NASA, Robocup Junior by Robocup, and First Lego League by the FIRST. Students from Storming Robots represented the United States from 2009 to 2013 RobocupJunior International Competition. In 2011, students from Storming Robots were part of an alliance team that won the ZeroRobotics Worldwide Championship and ran their software on a satellite on the International Space Station. Storming Robots students have again advanced to the ISS-Final round of the ZeroRobotics competition, the COSMOSpheres, for the year of 2013. In addition to these National and International competitions, students also participate in and frequently win local robotics competitions.

Why Storming Robots?
Review Storming Robots Capitalize Creativity: Storming Robots recognizes innovation requires creativity. Its programs model focuses on helping students to capitalize creativity with engineering disciplines. It recognizes and emphasizes the importance of “Computational and Algorithmic Thinking” (C.A.T.) as a fundamental part of children’s analytical ability. Its program holds C.A.T. as intrinsic to all other disciplines. It focuses on encouraging habitual and autonomous learning via hands-on robotics challenges and technology fun, as well as a life-long love of learning.

Road Map: Its roboclub program even facilitates a road map for its roboclub students to guide students through Grade 4 to college. It offers advices on how to progress from one level to another. Once the students reach 9th grade, it takes direction targeting more closely to the students’ specific interests, and strength.

Analytical and Algorithmic Thinking Skills: Its year round roboclub strives to build a solid background of analytical and strategic thinking. It helps to prepare students to deal with complex problems in the future. Analytical with computational thinking skills are indispensable in pursuing any kind of profession- from engineer to roboticist, lawyer, or school teacher. Plus, it’s fun! More than 90% of students return, many attending Storming Robots from their elementary school year until they leave for college.

Building Leadership: The most outstanding roboclub members who demonstrate maturity to self-disciplines will be selected to perform mentorship for classes, competitive teams, and even competitive events coordination. They will be actively involved in creating visions and plans, trying to articulate them, and exercise the commitment to completion.

Proof of Excellence: Storming Robots has an impressive history of student achievement in both National and World level competitions. Most of its high school students have continued attended Storming Robots since third or fourth grade.

Impressive testimonials: Over 30% of its students travel more than forty minutes each way every week to attend Storming Robots’ Roboclub. Some students are from more than an hour away, but have continuously been attending Storming Robots’ Roboclub for years. Parents’ level of commitment directly reflects on the excellent quality of the education that Storming Robots delivers.
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Contact Storming Robots
Address: Technology Learning Lab
3322 Route 22 West, Ste 402, Branchburg, NJ
Phone Number: 908-595-1010

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Find information on Storming Robots' robotics engineering programs, offered year-round. See reviews of Storming Robots, located in Branchburg, New Jersey.
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