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Ski Lessons NJ

Ski Lessons NJ

If you are a fan of outdoor activities and don't want to give them up just because winter is starting, sign up for ski lessons in NJ today. Learn everything you need to know so you can get out on the mountains and hit the slopes on your own!

Northern NJ
Mountain Creek
200 Rt. 94, Vernon, NJ 07462

Mountain Creek Awesome Ski Lessons in NJ Awesome ski lessons for the whole family!
If you are interested in learning how to ski, make your way up to Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ. This ski resort, offering skiing lessons to Northern NJ residents has great group programs where everyone in the family can grab a pair of skis and hit the slopes.

The instructors’ terrain-based learning techniques, which were developed in partnership with the company that developed the courses for X-Games, are designed to improve your skill and make the process of learning how to ski fun, enjoyable and easy. Instructors of these skiing classes will listen to your input and help you with anything you are having difficulty with. Call 973-827-2000 for more information.

They also have snowboarding lessons

Northern NJ
High Point Cross Country Ski Center
1480 Route 23, Sussex, NJ 07461

High Point Cross Country Ski Center, Sussex NJ Over 1600 feet elevation!
If you’re looking for ski lessons in New Jersey, why not head to the snowiest spot in the metropolitan area? With fantastic views, wildlife, trees and lakes, High Point Cross Country Ski Center offers joy and fun for all. Group lessons are available on weekends and holidays at 10 a.m., 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.

Instructors are certified by the Professional Ski Instructors Association and the Amateur Ski Instructors Association. There’s also a cross country ski program for children 12 years and under.

Experience the beauty of nature while skiing in New Jersey!

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