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Martial Arts NJ

New Jersey Martial Arts Classes

Learn the art of self-defense, self-discipline, and inner balance when you learn a martial art. Whether you want to learn to fight and defend yourself with your hands, feet or a weapon, these classes will provide you with local options for NJ martial arts classes. Martial arts is an elaborate and combative collection of sports that are associated with East Asia. It includes a variety of fighting arts that can be used for combat, self-defense, or just for staying active and fit. Though some may be armed, our collection is unarmed martial arts including boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and karate.

Boxing lessons NJ Boxing Classes NJ
Learn to fight like Rocky when you take local boxing lessons in NJ. If you want to increase yoru confidence while getting a great workout, check out these boxing classes!
Karate Lessons NJ Karate Classes in NJ
Originally developed in Okinawa, Japan this fighting art has spread across the globe and now encompasses many styles. If you're looking to take up martial arts in NJ for self-defense, karate might just be your best choice.
Kickboxing lessons NJ Kickboxing Classes NJ
Great both as a cariovascular exercise and as a form of self-defense, kickboxing is a relatively new style in the martial arts world. Find some great local studios and dojos that offer kickboxing classes.
Jiu Jitsu Classes in NJ Learn Jiu Jitsu in NJ
If you would like to learn a martial art that focuses on grappling and ground fighting, then jiu jitsu is the style for you. Learn to throw, pin and immobilize opponents in this unique fighting style.  


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Martial Arts in NJ

For some of the best martial arts New Jersey has to offer, take advantage of our definitive guide to NJ Martial Arts!  Find martial arts classes in NJ that best fit your budget and your goals.

If you're looking to learn other fun skills, check out our Learn in NJ page.  For out-of-state residents, feel free to check out our guide to Martial Arts New York or Martial Arts in PA.


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