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Art Classes in NJ

Sometimes its fun to learn a new artistic skill. Whether drawing, painting or having experience with a more hands-on experience like a pottery wheel. we've got you covered with ideas! The best part is that there is no age barrier for most of these classes. Below are local companies, teachers and artists themselves that offer classes and lessons related to the arts.

Arts and Crafts NJ

Arts & Crafts Classes in NJ
From knitting and crochet to beading and jewelry-making, you can find every type of arts and craft class here.  Make unique and fun crafts at these top locations.

Drawing Classes in New Jersey

Drawing Classes in NJ
Learn to sketch and draw in many styles when you take a drawing class in NJ! Use a variety of drawing mediums such as pastels, markers, colored pencils, chalk & water pastels, graphite and more! Let your creative side flourish and get ready to have fun learning to draw in New Jersey!

Creative Knitting Classes in NJ

Knitting Classes in NJ
Whether you are an expert knitter or just getting started, New Jersey’s yarn shops offer classes for every skill level. Learn how to make socks, sweaters and more at some of NJ’s best knitting and crochet classes. These yarn shops also feature high-quality retail products, patterns and supplies.

Painting lessons NJ

Painting Classes in NJ
Learn to paint in a variety of styles when you take painting classes at local art studios in NJ. Improve your technique, learn art history, learn to mix colors and create beautiful art when you take NJ art classes.

Pottery Classes in New Jersey

Pottery Classes in NJ
Pick up pottery as a new hobby and make your own dishes! Pottery is a fun skill to learn no matter what age you are. Have fun creating your own pieces of art.

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NJ Art Classes

Take some of the coolest art lessons New Jersey has to offer at a variety of quality NJ art studios. Discover your love for art, one day your work could be featured in a New Jersey art gallery!

For art classes in other parts of the country, see our list of Art Lessons in PA or Painting Classes in NY.
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