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Every actor starts somewhere. And some of the great ones have started right here in New Jersey. Just ask Meryl Streep! Whether you're exploring acting as a hobby or looking for a guru to help hone your craft, New Jersey's acting schools offer classes for all skill levels and all genres.

Acting Classes in NJ Acting Classes in NJ
Take lessons from the best in the industry when you sign up for an acting class in New Jersey. The instructors have worked in the industry and keep up to date with the latest trends. These schools are the best place to start your career.
Musical Theater lessons NJ Musical Drama Classes in NJ
Take classes specializing in musical theater and Broadway style acting. Learn to act, sing and dance when you take fun musical drama lessons in NJ.
Musical Theater lessons NJ Theater Acting Classes in NJ
Take theare classes in New Jersey and learn the best, from Shakespeare to contemporary plays. Learn to become your character when you take these stage acting classes. 

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Acting Schools in New Jersey

Take some of the finest acting lessons NJ has to offer at schools and other venues throughout the entire state! You'll gain the confidence to step on the stage of a NJ theatre! You could even join a traveling theatre company in NJ!

New York is the mecca of arts and culture, take an acting class in NY and learn from the best of the best! Theatres in Pennsylvnia are also becoming highly recognized for their actors and performances!
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