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The fun and learning does not have to stop at the end of the school day! After school programs can provide peace of mind for parents that want to be ensured that their children are safe while enjoying activities designed for different types of development skills. This also gives children the chance to finish homework, play games, and learn more in subjects of their interest! As for the parents, their advantage is that they can pick them up their children at their convenience and at their leisure.

Northern NJ
L3 Academy 
1 Greenwood Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042

L3 Learning Academy educational NJ after school programs for kids Minecraft, Build an App, Coding, Robotics, LEGO®-mania, Science, Math & Engineering!
A seriously fun learning center in Montclair, NJ, L3 Academy offers hands-on, entertaining science, technology, engineering, and math programs for students ages 4 to 14.

Classes include Minecraft LEGO® Robotics, Jedi Engineering, L3 Robotics Clubs (including competitive robotics), Building an App, Intro to software programming, hands on science, and much more.

Join L3 Academy this summer for camp – weekly themed camp activities from Grossology to Robotics and Chess.

For more information about classes, camps or birthday parties, visit their website, contact at 973-783-8333, email or just stop by at One Greenwood Avenue, Montclair, NJ.

Best place for kids to learn and grow!

Central NJ
Jump! Immersion School 
Located in Edison, Livingston and Scotch Plains NJ

Jump! Immersion School After School Programs for Kids in Central NJ After School & Saturday Language Immersion Classes!
Jump! Immersion School’s After School and Saturday programs are designed to promote fluency in your selected target language track through complete language immersion in a fun, nurturing environment. Their programs are designed for children 4 years old to fifth grade. Following their programs from the Beginning Level to the Advanced Level provides the language foundation necessary for your child to be fluent (speaking, reading and writing) in their selected language track.

What differentiates their programs from in-school classes and other independent language programs is their teaching philosophy and approach. Children learn at different paces and through different modalities (visual, tactile or oratory). Jump! Immersion School’s approach provides a differentiated learning structure delivered in small / flexible classes. The low teacher-to-student ratio and tailored education experience ensures a successful language outcome which leads to your child’s Global advantage!

Ready to go? Call 732-371-2221 or visit for additional information on available class days and times.

Call to inquire today!

TEKI LLC TEKI LLC Educational After School Programs in Northern NJ
After School Programs in Northern NJ

TEKI LLC After School Programs for Kids in Northern New Jersey STEAM After-School Programs
TEKI LLC. stands for Technology, Education, Knowledge and Instruction. This organization aims to bring these services to local communities through classes, workshops, after school programs, summer camps and technological solutions. Their instructors aim to build self-confidence and leadership qualities in students, while integrating state-of-the-art technology into learning. At TEKI, they focus on education that is innovative, creative and challenging to all age groups. All of their after school classes are content-focused to increase students' interest in STEAM. TEKI's experienced technology educators help guide our digital citizens to become 21st century leaders using state of the art equipment and programming. As with technology, their unique digital arts and engineering curriculum continues to change and evolve, making it fun and exciting for their students. Visit the website for more information on TEKI, their camps and after-school program locations in Northern New Jersey and New York.

Programs for all interests!

Northern NJ
Rockaway's Best After School Program 
295 US Highway 46, Rockaway, NJ 07866

Rockaways Best after-school programs for kids in Northern New Jersey Program includes FREE Transportation, Karate Classes, and daily Homework Help!
Rockaway's Best is the only after school program with certified martial arts instructors and Phys-Ed teachers, bully prevention experts, and self-defense gurus as the coaches. As one of the foundations of their program, homework always comes first. Their coaches and instructors will provide assistance with completion whenever possible. Once homework is completed, students may show a coach to move onto the fun!

Transportation is Included in the tuition so Rockaway's Best will pick-up the students at their schools after dismissal, and bus them back and forth to safely ensure they are delivered to the program all 5 days per week!

Your children will be physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally engaged every day! Rockaway's Best After School Program has created a curriculum around learning first which teaches children structure in a positive way. Their activities will help develop a love of being a team-member and group-contributor.

Students can earn and use points throughout their days to get what they want. The parents are added to the software app so you can stay connected with your child's progress and see what and how they are earning!

If you have any questions, please call or text them right now! Their office hours are from 12pm-6pm Monday thru Friday. Their local Rockaway, NJ phone number is: (973) 361-0100.

Ask about Summer Camp Programs!

Team Makers of North Jersey 
Team Building & Engineering STEM Programs

Team Makers of North Jersey after school programs in North Jersey After School Programs for children Preschool-teens
Team Makers is the leader in Team Building/Leadership experiences for young children and teens. They offer a professionally facilitated series of activities and challenges which help develop critical thinking, leadership, and cooperation skills while having FUN. The program works tremendously well as a S.T.E.M. extension through allowing the children to work together to solve the challenges and develop their leadership skills. It also works well with CORE initiatives. Team Makers is loved by kids and highly respected by parents and educators. The messaging teaches children to appreciate each other and it has shown to have a strong anti-bullying effect.

Classes can be offered by age or grade, but works best when blending a few grades together to get a mix of children with varying skills. Each session lasts 1 hour with about a 5 minute set-up for the facilitator. Team Makers can tailor the program for as many weeks as your season lasts. The challenges are energetic and fun for the children. Some of the tracks that they offer are: Great Treasure Hunt, Adventure Quest, eXtreme Sports, Fun with Math and Science in Game Play. Each track requires the children to work together, exhibit and learn leadership skills and challenges their imagination. All materials provided by Team Makers of North Jersey.

Kids have fun while playing giant-sized team building games!

Northern NJ
Rizzo's Wildlife World Rizzo's Wildllife World after-school activities for kids in Northern NJ
1 Gold Mine Road, Roxbury, NJ 07836

Rizzos Wildlife World after school activities in Morris County NJ Educational & Fun!
Want to hang out with lizards, snakes and other creatures? Welcome to Rizzo's Wildlife World! Their 4,700 square foot facility houses over 100 animals. Meet Butterscotch the albino Burmese Python, Rico the chinchilla, Spike the alligator snapping turtle and all of Rizzo's animal friends at this wildlife and nature center. Their mission is to bring parents, children and people of all ages together to appreciate and learn about our natural world through live animal shows.

Rizzo's Wildlife World is a unique after-school activity for kids and adults of all ages to spend the afternoon learning, exploring and having fun in Morris County, NJ. All animal lovers are invited to Rizzo’s Wildlife World to interact with all types of fascinating creatures. The adventure starts in the Animal Gallery, where guests will observe animals from around the world in authentically recreated habitats. Then, head to the Snake Den for a lively animal presentation featuring the stars of the show: Rizzo's reptile friends! Rizzo's Wildlife World offers birthday parties, as well as special programs for schools, camps and scout groups.

Can't make it to Rizzo's Wildlife World? Rizzo's Reptile Discovery can bring a live animal show to your location! Click here for more information, or call 973-586-0444 or 201-230-2415.

Walk-ins welcome daily!

Throughout NJ
Play Well TEKnologies Play Well After School Activities for Kids in NJ
Locations Throughout NJ
Northern NJ: 917-723-9630
Southern NJ: 919-518-7474

Play Well After School Enrichment Activities in NJ Dream It. Build It. Wreck It. Repeat. With LEGOs!
In Play Well’s enrichment program, kids can take on real-life engineering challenges. In their classes, the kids will explore concepts in physics, architecture, mechanical and structural engineering.

The enrichment program is a multi-session course for elementary or middle school students. Classes typically meet once per week before or after school for an entire quarter and each session lasts about 90-minutes. Students will work individually and in teams, as a group throughout the sessions. Each session will start with a discussion and demonstration of the day’s topic where the kids will be given a design or building assignment. Instructors will provide individual assistance and instruction and facilitate challenges, performance testing, competitions, and modifications to projects.

Play Well will provide all needed materials for the course each week.

The core programs for elementary students are Intro to STEM and STEM Challenge. Please check the programs page for information about more specialty programs which may be available. Check here for the location nearest you!

Engineer Designed Curriculum!

Northern NJ
The Language Workshop for Children
596 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair, NJ 07042

The Language Workshop for Children Northern NJ after school activities After school language program for kids 3 to 8
The Children’s Director/Founder of The Language Workshop for Children, Francois Thibaut, created an enriched play method to teaching French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and English to children. The goal is to ensure children retain what they learn for life. Children discover language through movement, touch, site, hearing, voice and emotion. All of these senses combined allow children to connect with the language they’re learning and passionately discover their ability to learn a new language.

The Thibaut Technique® is a whole language approach which employs both sides of the brain through original music, vocabulary building songs, language immersion, festive visual aids, action games and native-fluent language teachers. The Language Workshop for Children offers after school programs and activities at their Northern NJ location. After school programs at the Montclair, NJ location are available to children three years and older. Language immersion preschool, camps and enrichment classes are also available at The Language Workshop for Children located in Essex County, NJ.

Internationally-recognized teaching method

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