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Honey Child Music Academy Reviews
Honey Child Music Academy NJ

Miss Sherri and her team of musicians at Honey Music Child provide music classes, private lessons and birthday parties for children ages 1 - 15 years old. Birthday parties can be at your location or theirs in Middletown, NJ. Find information and reviews of Honey Music Child below.

Honey Child Music
Academy NJ

“Miss Sherri” of Honey Child Music Academy Parties
I am a 6-time award-winning early childhood music specialist, television host and NJ certified Pre K through 3rd grade teacher. I am the founder/Director of Honey Child Music Academy now conveniently located at The State of The Art Middletown Arts Center. As a parent myself I certainly understand the importance of having young ones who are comfortable, engaged, focused, happy, genuinely curious and nurtured at their special Birthday Party or Special Event.

Honey Child Music Academy Musicans
Honey Child Music Academy reviews NJ At Honey Child Music we have been providing kids’ birthday parties, christenings, school assemblies and concerts for children ages 1-11 for over 15 years. We work with all populations including children with special needs both throughout NJ and NYC.

We at Honey Child Music are the leaders of the pack when it comes to Birthday Party festivities. We acknowledge the importance for parents to have “That Peaceful Easy Feeling” in knowing that we won’t let them down, as we always do our best job to create a customized, memorable, age-appropriate and fun filled party for their child. With 15 years as a vibrant early childhood - teen music establishment, our educators and party specialists will provide your child with the utmost in a professional, reliable and quality Music & Movement experience!

We deliver cherished memories, are experts in leading Parties among the young and restless, we engage, educate, entertain, gently and effectively direct and hold children's’ attention, we encourage positive behavior while bringing fun and magical energy to their special Birthday Celebration!

Our secret is a silly quotient, variety of quality music and age appropriate musical activities that make for a seamless and fantastic party. Our parties are unique and customized because every child is a one of a kind and that is why we design the ideal party that fits your child's needs.

Honey Child Music Academy Birthday Parties

Honey Child Music Academy NJ 2 hour parties at Middletown Arts Center includes:
1 hour of engergized Honey Child Style Music
Movement and Cooperative Musical Games
A complimentary class
Paper goods
Juice Boxes
1 slice of pizza per child

Parties can also be done at your location by Miss Sherri or by Miss Sherri's colleages

Reviews Honey Child Music Academy
Party Themes Include:
Prince and Princess Suaree - Ages 3-7
General Musical Jamboree - Ages 1-9
Glam/Rock - Ages 7-15
Rockin' Choo-Choo - Ages 2-8
Sing, Dance, Drum and Prance - Ages 1-9
Down By the Sea - Ages 2-9
Animals, little animals - Ages 1-10
Cool Kids Concert Party - All Ages

*Theatre, Karaoke, hair, feathers, nail painting can be added for an additonal fee

Sign up for Honey Child's Private Lessons and Classes!
Information Honey Child Music Academy NJ We have eight top-notch, professionally trained teachers that provide lessons for a while variety of instruments including Piano, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Upright Bass, Drums, Percussion, Voice, Trumpet, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute and much more. Classes and lessons can be done in our studio or your home! Lessons range from beginner to advanced and are for both children and adults. Flexible scheduling - afternoon, evening and weekend classes available!

See Miss Sherri and Honey Child Music Academy in action!

Contact Miss Sherri and Honey Child Music Academy
Location: Middletown Arts Center, 36 Church St., Middletown, NJ
Serving: All of New Jersey
Phone Number: 732-241-6898

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Honey Child Music Academy NJ Reviews

Honey Child Music Academy and Miss Sherri are dedicated to providing high-quality, age-appropriate birthday parties, classes and private lessons for all ages. They offer stimulating and creative music and movement programs for the entire family. Below you will find personal reviews on Honey Child Music Academy. They are located in Middletown, NJ, but parties can be brought to your New Jersey location.
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