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Find Clowns in NJ
NJ mechanical bull rentals

Mechanical Bull Rental NJ

Refer to our complete list of companies that rent mechanical bulls in NJ! Find NJ mechanical bull rentals for parties, events and more.

Clowns 4 Kids  
Serving all of NJ & Tri-State Area

Clowns for Kids rent a mechanical bull in NJ Premier mechanical bull rental NJ!
NJ Finest Mechanical bull operators are ready to give you a good time. They are a great idea for any party, western themed or not. Our bull is suitable for most age groups since the speed and bucking level is controlled by our operator. The eyes on the bull glow red when in motion.

A mechanical bull, also known as a rodeo bull, is a machine that replicates the sensation of riding a bucking animal. The mechanical bull is powered by a variable-speed electric motor. Inflated floor is installed around the equipment in order to prevent injury to those thrown off of it. A wrist harness connected by wire to the bull has a "quick stop" feature that allows the mechanical bull to stop automatically when the rider starts to fall off, this feature further enhances safety for the rider. The trained operator regulates the unit's Buck-and-Spin speed, as well as spin direction. The mechanical bull has different levels of expertise from beginner to expert & has the capability of starting rides very slowly and speeds can be advanced according to a rider's ability. Our goal is not to throw the rider immediately, we will give them a fair start and make sure they have the mechanical bull riding basics down before we turn up the fun. A rider that has a fun ride will come back again and again.

It is also a terrific spectator item that will add fun and excitement to many different kinds of events. Call us for your mechanical bull rentals. All waivers and mechanical bull operators are provided. We look forward to doing business with you. Serving NJ & tri state area. Click here for more information and reviews.

Controlled by a trained operator to ensure safety!

New Jersey Bull Rentals
Serving all of NJ

New Jersey Bull Rentals mechanical bull rentals NJ Designed to simulate real bull movement!, a division of Event Experts, operates the safest and most realistic mechanical bulls available on the East Coast for company picnics, corporate events, colleges, post proms, private parties or any special event. Our mechanical bulls are perfect for the youngest rider to the experienced cowboy. The bulls are completely safe for both children and adults. Our mechanical bulls are all electric, direct drive and computer controlled.

All bulls are high quality and use the latest technology, designed to simulate real bull movement and give you the feeling that you are riding a real bull. For your safety, the horns and body of the bull are constructed of rubber and the operator can control the bull's movements in different levels from novice to expert.

Pair it with a wild west bouncer!

American Bull Rentals
6752 Weymouth Road, Mays Landing, NJ

American Bull Rentals mechanical bull rentals in nj Specializing in mechanical rodeo bull rentals in NJ!
Renting a Mechanical Bull is more than just a ride, it’s an experience. Our equipment is all top of the line and brand new - featuring the latest computer based bucking and movement technology which closely resembles that of a real bull. We implore the highest in safety standards, each operator is trained in CPR and First Aid, as well as TIPS Certified. Our model bull is known to be the safest mechanical bulls in the industry. Our bulls are all electric/direct driven and computer controlled, allowing a full 360 degree spin and bucking motion. They are safe for both children and adults and have pre-set programs ranging from novice to expert.

Fully trained and insured!

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NJ Mechanical Bull Rentals

Renting a mechanical bull adds excitement to any event. They are unique, fun and safe for all ages, when controlled by an experienced operator. Use our list above to find the best companies that rent mechanical bulls in NJ. Pair your mechanical bull with a giant inflatable rental to really set your party above the rest!

Find companies outside of NJ and refer to our list of mechanical bull rentals NY. Also see our list of party rentals in PA.
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