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Hire a Hypnotist entertainer for your next NJ Party or Event - NJ Hypnotist
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First Trance Comedy Hypnosis
Imagine riding down the road, listening to the radio, or deep in thought, and almost missing your exit! Picture yourself entering a room and forgetting why you were there!  Have you ever had a daydream? Of course you have! And you, my friend, were in what is called a hypnotic trance state... Anyone who is willing and has average intelligence, can be HYPNOTIZED...Whether it's a Private Party, A Corporate Event, or a High School Assembly..Picture your audience Laughing and Applauding like never before....Imagine people enjoying Clean, family-oriented content that will not offend or embarass anyone....Bill Pettek has been a Professional Entertainer for over 16 years. He is board certified by and a memeber of The National Guild of Hypnotist. Bill provides great  Entertainment, Fun and Laughter..You want the "First Trance Comedy Hypnosis Show"....Where Audience Participation, Laughing and Fun! Fun! and more Fun are part of Every Show!!!! Dont miss out, Call or E-mail us Today for a promo package of the "Show Of A Lifetime" !!!!

NJ Birthday Party Planner for your Child

The Parents Guide to having a Children's Party is a complete directory of information for parents looking for places or ideas to have a children's party in NJ. It is the only NJ birthday party planner you will ever need. It is a great resource to find all types of entertainers in NJ including Clowns, DJ's, Magicians, Party Planning services, NJ face painters and much much more!

Look no further to get cool ideas for your NJ Birthday Child! Find Children's Theme parties in NJ, NJ Children's birthday party places and more with the Parents guide to having a Children's Party in NJ. Find party entertainment ideas quickly!

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Hypnotists for Hire in NJ

Hypnotists are a fun way to entertain your guests and ensure your party is something that people will remember forever. If you want to see even more hypnotists for hire, check out these hypnotists in NY and hypnotists in PA.

For more fun entertainers for parties in New Jersey, see our guide to the top party entertainers NJ has to offer.

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Kids Party Guide

How about taking your little ones to a concert right after the holidays? We have put together a schedule of upcoming concerts in January 2019. We just wanted to offer up a fun random idea of something fun fun thing to do with kids in NJ this holiday season!
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