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Pool Pizza Party Package at the Raddisson in Piscataway
21 Kingsbridge Road , Piscataway NJ, 888-201-1718 / 732-980-0400

Enjoy A Pool Party with Your Kids At the Radisson in NJ!
Your Pool Pizza Party Package Package Includes...Overnight Accommodations for up to Five Including One Adult . Use of Our Great Indoor Pool (overnight guests only). Two Complimentary Large Pizzas & Two Pitchers of Soda. Up to Five Complimentary Continental Breakfasts! Five is the Maximum in Our Double Bedrooms. Over Five Will Require An Additional Room at Special Rate. Additional Pizzas and Other Snacks are At Additional Cost The Pool and Pizza party package starts at ony $149.00! 

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Kid's Hotel Parties in NJ

Finding the perfect location for your kid's birthday party is crucial, so we hope these NJ hotel party ideas made it easier for you. For more NJ birthday party ideas, check out pool parties in NJ.
If you're interested in more ideas for hotel parties in the area, check out our lists of hotel parties in PA and hotel parties in NY.
The Farm in Harmony Fun Things to do with Kids in NJ

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Power Play Gaming - fun things to do with kids in NJ

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