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Snakes-N-Scales Reviews
Snakes-N-Scales Reviews NJ

Snakes-N-Scales provides fun and educational reptile shows for birthday parties, libraries, museums, schools, summer camps and more! Reptile shows are brought to your convenience location in New Jersey, New York City, Southern NY state, Long Island, Philadelphia or Connecticut!

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews NJ

Rescue, Entertain, Educate, Inspire!
Snakes-N-Scales presents live animal and environmental education programs for people of all ages, with an emphasis on learning through enjoyment. It is our philosophy and our practice that people remember what they enjoy. Therefore, if anyone, children or adults, are to learn desperately needed environmental values, ecology, conservation, respect for life on Earth or simply not to be afraid, they will learn it well if they enjoy it! We offer a huge variety of animal species and programs and we bring an unusual mix of animals in each show. Our presenters are professional, highly qualified to work with you and the animals and come with great credentials!

Reptile birthday parties & programs for all ages!
Snakes n Scales reviews We use jokes, stories, “animal’s eyes” views of the world, anecdotes, factoids, question and answer and a gentle, controlled, touching experience to make children laugh, think and feel. They will laugh because it’s fun, so they will remember it. They will think 'thanks to our engaging, experienced teachers.' They will touch the animal so they will feel its reality and hopefully someday, when they look back on this birthday, remember and understand that these creatures are Our Neighbors On Earth!

We have over 300 reptiles and animals with over 14 different party choices. Allow us to share our passion for these wonderful creatures with you.

Radical Reptiles: Our most popular show! Appropriate for ages 7 and up. This reptile birthday show will include 7 of the following animals: America Alligator, Burmese python, Soft-shell turtle, yellow anaconda, green anaconda, green tree python, snapping turtle, black-white tegu, red tegu, water monitor, savanna monitor or leopard tortoise.

The Strange World of Reptiles: one of our most popular programs. Appropriate for ages 3 – 6 years old, but can be performed for any age level. We’ll bring 7 of the following:
Lizards: Bearded Dragon, Blue-Tongued Skink, Leopard Gecko, Spiny Tailed Lizard, Fat Tailed Gecko, Basilisk.
Turtles: Eastern Box Turtle, African Desert Tortoise, Red-foot Tortoise, Chinese Box Turtle, Ornate Box Turtle
Snakes: California Kingsnake, Corn Snake, Honduran Milk Snake, Mexican Black Kingsnake, Yellow Ratsnake, Black Ratsnake, Hognose Snake, Ball Python, Madagascar Boa, Boa Constrictor
American Alligator

Most of the animals in this Party can be touched under the watchful eyes of our instructor.

Snakes N Scales NJ

Giant Reptile: Our most dynamic program, because the animals are HUGE! The following animals are used for this party: 7 foot long, 100 pound American Alligator, 25 pound Common Snapping Turtle, 6 foot long, 45 pound Asian Water Monitor Lizard, 14 foot and 100+ pound Burmese Python.

Reptiles and Amphibians: Brings together all 4 kinds of reptiles including the alligator, snake, lizard and turtle, plus 3 kinds of amphibians, the frog, toad and salamander. From the reptiles you will be visited by a large Sulcata, or African Desert Tortoise, a 3-4 foot long American Alligator, Blue Tongued Skink and a big Boa Constrictor from South America. Representing the Amphibians are a Cane Toad, a Ribbed Newt and a Horned Toad. As a special treat to the party we’ll bring either the corn snake or an unusual reptile, the legless lizard.

Snake Experience: A rare moment where the birthday boy or girl and a few of their friends, 5 children maximum, can spend an hour with 10-12 serpents and an instructor in order to learn how amazing these animals are in a very personal way.

Snakes N Scales
reviews NJ

Desert Animals Party: Includes reptiles and other cool animals that live on the desert. The animals included in this program are a bearded dragon, a tarantula, a sulcata desert tortoise, a Kenyan sand boa, an uromastyx lizard, a desert kingsnake and a scorpion. The finale of the party is a large sulcata desert tortoise that we will feed for all to watch. The tortoise will also sit for pictures with the birthday boy or girl.

Tropical Rain Forest: Another unique reptiles “plus” party. Safari Animal Party brings you reptiles including a Gopher snake, a Blue tongued skink, a large Black-throat monitor, crocodile turtle and leopard tortoise and a Boa constrictor. Additional (non-reptile) animals include a ribbed newt and a giant centipede.

reviews of Snakes n Scales Dinosaur Birthday Party: This reptiles “plus” birthday party looks at some amazing ancient animals, fossils and neat facts. The dinosaur show brings several groups of animals that have an ancient line, going back into the day of the dinosaur or even beyond it. We will look at these very old families of surviving animals and we will do a little comparing with fossils of extinct creatures. Animals including the alligator, the scorpion, the African Side-necked turtle, the snapping turtle, the clown knife fish and the Boa constrictor. The fossils for the show are not huge dinosaur leg bones, but small pieces that are easily understood and can be touched.

Zoo Animal Party: The Zoo Animals Party Package brings the most animals to your party than any other package they offer. You may choose 10 of your own animals without any restrictions! Some of the animals you can choose from include crocodilians, snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, insects and more! Call to discuss availability in your state.

Spider and Bug Party: Bugs, spiders, frogs and snakes are thought to be “icky” by many people. But the un-scary animals in this program will make you forget your discomfort! Un-scary animals include the Madagascar hissing cockroach, tarantulas, scorpions, frogs, toads and snakes!

Reviews Snakes n Scales Baby Animals Party: Miniature baby versions of snakes, gators and turtles. Presentation includes a baby yellow anaconda, a baby American alligator, a baby kingsnake, a baby red-eared slider and a baby snapping turtle. We’re also going to bring a few adults so you can see the HUGE difference!

Zoo Animals Party: This program brings you the most animals of any party we offer. You may choose all your own animals, up to 10!

Turtle Party: The Turtle Party comes in two versions. You can have 8 turtles at your party, interact with them and have a show about them. Or you can get 10 turtles to come to your party and afterwards have a Turtle Race!

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Snakes-n-Scales provides premium reptile parties for kids and adults for a wide variety of functions including birthday parties, libraries, preschools, schools, corporate events, camps and much more. Snakes-n-Scales brings their reptile programs all over the NJ tri-state area! Find information and reviews of Snakes-n-Scales!
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