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Lori's Face Painting & Murals is a Children's birthday party face painting service in NJ. I can come to your NJ Party and paint 15-20 faces in an hour. Lori Paints Murals for Children's rooms in NJ as well as Murals for Businesses or private homes.

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About Lori's Facepainting

Face Painting by Lori New JerseyMy name is Lori McSorley. I have been face painting since 1994. I was an art major in college and have been doing artistic work such as murals and portraits for many years. I love to draw and paint. When I had my third child I couldn't work full time anymore. I needed to find a way to make some extra money. I did some facepainting at a friend's birthday party in NJ and I really liked it. I've been painting at birthday parties and other events all over New Jersey ever since. I really enjoy seeing the joy on the children's faces when the painting is done. I can paint between 15-20 full face designs in an hour. Each design is hand created. I can paint very simple designs and also very detailed faces. See our webpage. I was the official face painter on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship the Allure of the Seas from April 28th to May 5th of 2013! Lori was featured in Woman's World magazine in April 2015 with tips to start your own successful face painting business!

I can do some very elaborate full face designs such as a tiger, spiderman, a princess or a butterfly. Facepainting is fun for children of all ages! It is the perfect addition to all types of events you may be having or attending! Birthday Parties, Christenings, Communions, Family Reunions, School Fairs, and much more! My rates start @ $150 per hour.

Application Techniques
Brush- This is the most common method of applying paint when facepainting. It provides fine detail work for most of the designs and is very flexible. Working with a brush gives you a very unique design every time!

Sponges- When facepainting, sponges are most commonly used to cover large areas of the face quickly. This is used in the Spiderman design. (as shown on left) They are also used to blend two or more colors and soften lines. This method is used when painting a butterfly design. Sponges can also be used for special effects such as beards.

Special Effects-To add some sparkle to my facepainting designs I like to use glitter. This adds a beautiful look to all of the different characters that can be painted on the face. The glitter sticks to the skin and wet paint very easily.


What you need to provide:

Space- To start Face Painting, I will need an area large enough for a table and at least two chairs, which you should provide.

Activities- Facepainting is done one at a time. Most designs take 3-5 minutes. It is best to plan another activity that allows children to pop in and out as their turn arrives.  Some children like to sit and watch but others get very excited and get tired of waiting quickly.

Supervision- Someone should be available to keep an eye on the children, Including deciding the order to be painted. The artist needs to concentrate on the painting in order to do a good job.

Please read the article in Woman’s World magazine where Lori is interviewed about her successful face painting business and gives advice on how to start your own!

Facepainting for kids in NJ
Face painting artist NJ
New Jersey Face Painting for children's Parties

Children's  Murals NJ


Treasures on your wall 

Face Painting by Lori New JerseyThis is a photo of part of an underwater mural. This painting continues around the whole bedroom. I painted this for a six year old boy. He wanted a jumping dolphin, a shark and a turtle included in the painting.  We looked through some of his favorite books for some inspiration.  We came up with this idea. He wanted me to have some of the underwater creatures and also a dolphin and a shark coming out of the water. I added some jellyfish,  seaweed and this treasure chest!  He was very happy with the results.


 Boys or Girls Murals

Face Painting by Lori New Jersey

I can cater to almost any child's wishes. We will start with your basic Ideas and I will design a rough sketch for your Child's dream room

About Painting Murals

I have been painting Murals for Children's rooms in New Jersey for over 10 years.

If you are interested in having a childrens mural painted please give me a call to discuss any ideas you may have. You could also e-mail any information. It is best if you have some thoughts in mind. I will be happy to give you any help I can.  After the initial contact I will come to your home or business to see the area to be painted.  This is a free consultation that should take only a half an hour or so to come up with some design ideas. Looking through your childrens books is a good place to get ideas!  At that point  I will get all the information I need to give you a rough estimate.  If you wish to proceed after the estimate I will do research for the design.  At this point a small deposit is required for any paint or supplies that  need to be  purchased.  Then arrangements can be made for the painting to be done. 

Ocean Scene Underwater Mural

I could customize this type of mural for a boy or girl's room. I can vary the colors to your choosing. Your child's name could be added somewhere within the painting or something else to personalize it to your liking. Here is the shark jumping out of the water with the large turtle underneath. This is the largest wall in this mural.
Underwater Ocean Scene

This picture shows the jellyfish. I added these under the window to fill up the blank space since no furniture was going to be put there. You can see how the painting continues around the room.

Another Underwater Scene

This mural was painted for a younger boy who was only 2 years old. The fish and other creatures were also taken from some picture books. The sky was painted along with the water surrounding the room.

Fire Engine Mural

This is a fire engine I actually painted in my sons room when he was only four years old. At the time he loved fire engines. I could customize any type of construction vehicle, police car, dump truck or bull dozer for your child. As long as you have some kind of picture I could paint a very good reproduction onto your walls. I will also come up with a few ideas on how the whole design could be arranged to fit with the furniture and decor of the room.


Disney Character Murals

Snow White Mural

Face Painting by Lori New Jersey

This is part of a mural I painted of Snow White. We arranged it so she looks like she is peering into the crib where the new baby would be sleeping. The customer wanted a scene including Snow White. We elaborated the mural to include some other characters to fill up the space we had.


More Pictures of the Snow White Nursery

This is a picture of the other two walls in the nursery. Bambi was added next to the crib looking over at some of the seven dwarfs. Please call me today to customize a children's mural for your home.


Disney Character Mural

Pictured on the left is a close up of a butterfly and a bird also painted in the Snow White Nursery. These were added to bring some design to the rest of the room. Most murals need to be painted around where the furniture will be placed so nothing is covered up.
Nursery Rhyme Mural

This mural was also painted in a child's nursery. It was made to include some of the famous nursery rhymes... Mother Goose, There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, and Jack and Jill Fell Down the Hill.
I can do the same thing or something similar to customize a room for you. There are many theme ideas that can be done. Take a look at some or your children's books to inspire you!
A Boat Themed Mural

This is a picture of another mural that included boats and a lighthouse. The sky was painted to look like it was filled with clouds. The customer asked for a tug boat and a sail boat for their little boys room.

This wall in a little girl's room was customized to match the bedspread

Three different flowers were first drawn with colored pencils taking the design from the bedspread. The flower designs were copied on a color copier. They were painstakingly cut out and put onto the wall with wallpaper paste. A bouquet was made out of these flowers and put over the bed. The stems and ribbons were then painted on to complete the finished bouquet.

Customized Murals for Your Home or Business!

Old World Look

This is a column I painted in a newly renovated bathroom in Westfield, NJ. I painted a total of three columns in this bathroom to give it more of the old world look the customer wanted.

Close-up of Column in Bathroom


Lori's Face Painting & Murals

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I can also Face Paint for Adults!

This is a Face Painting I created for
a young man who wanted to dress
up like Dr. Seuss

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