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Learn how to dance in a friendly enviornment

The Montville Fred Astaire Dance Studio is a place where people come to dress up, socialize and network in an extremely friendly environment all while learning how to dance. Many benefits of ballroom dancing have been studied and proven to improve the circulatory system, strengthen bones and muscles, and even increase flexibility. Ballroom dancing also burns calories as well as improves your mind and confidence.

A great way to make new friends

Here at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Montville, a family like environment is important to us. Come into our studio and surround yourself with our family, make new friends and learn how to dance!

Fun Dancing Events NJ

Many different Events

Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Montville offers many different types of fun Dancing Events throughout the year. Don't miss our guest party events where you bring a guest and you both get in for free! Our dancing events are a great way to meet someone in NJ. See our upcoming Calendar of Events

Great Social Enviornment

Taking dancing lessons is a great way to add excitement to your life. Although learning to dance takes concentration and dedication, you will be constantly surrounded by artistic, cheerful people who make learning a pleasurable and rewarding experience. So join us and have some fun!

 Call 973-917-3034 for Dance lessons information

Call 973-917-3034 - To Get 20% off a beginner package today!

Benefits of Dancing

Dancing isn't just about the steps and music; it's a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. Dancing enhances your life in so many ways:

Dancing Builds Your Self Esteem. When you learn how to dance, your entire mental outlook will take on a fresh sense of creativity, motivation, energy and confidence. 

As you progress through your ballroom and Latin dance experience, your body begins to respond to the changes you are asking of it, for example, increasing your stamina and making the best use of your muscles and joints. Soon, you will find yourself able to dance for longer periods of time without feeling exhausted. 

Dancing Lessons for kids in NJ

Dancing Lessons for Children in NJ

We have kids dance classes for students as young as 3 years old; Classes in Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre, plus, combination classes for young children and Boy's classes.Our children's dance classes are taught by highly qualified professionals that are experts in their field. Our staff understands the needs of our students and the requirements of the artform.

kids dance classes are designed to be rewarding, fun and educational. These three things are what we focus on. Rewarding, because every child deserves to reach their potential and feel like they've accomplished something. Fun, because learning is easier when it's fun. And educational, because the children deserve to learn proper technique by a qualified instructor.

Wedding Dancing Lessons in Northern NJ

Wedding Program
When they announce at your wedding "the bride and groom will begin their lives together with their first dance," what will you do?

If you take advantage of the Montville Fred Astaire Dance Studio, you will step out to the middle of the dance floor looking confident and graceful, and every penny you spent on that expensive video package would be worth it. Do not leave this important part of your wedding to chance, and use this first dance as a wonderful way to begin your new life.!

Call 973-917-3034 for more information about our Wedding dancing lesson programs!


Have the time of your life!

Come have the best time of your life at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Montville. Great for singles and couples. Children and adults. Social and competitive ballroom and Latin dancing and wedding choreography. Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Montville is a great learning experience with our talented dance instructors.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Montville provide weekly practice dance parties, nights out on the town, regional and national competitions, as well as fun trips to many different locations.

Getting Started

Call 973-917-3034 for information about events and lessons today!

Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Montville
2 Changebridge road
Montville, NJ, 07045


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Fun Dance Lessons in Princeton NJ

For the best dance lessons Northern NJ has to offer, sign up for classes at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio today!  Sign up for NJ dance lessons, so you can show off your fancy footwork at your next party or gathering!

For quality dance instruction in other parts of the country, see our guide to Dance Classes in PA or Dance Classes in NY.
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