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Best NJ Restaurants by Food Type

Best Restaurants by Food Type in NJ

Craving something specific? See our picks for the best pizza, best burgers and more in New Jersey!

Best burger in NJ Best Burgers in NJ
Everyone loves a good, juicy burger. See this list for the best burgers being cooked to perfection all around New Jersey.
Best hot dogs NJ Best hot dogs in NJ
Classic hot dogs, deep-fried, gourmet hot dogs and our very own Italian hot dogs- New Jersey has them all. See the best hot dogs in New Jersey here.
Best pizza restaurants in New Jersey
Best Pizza Restaurants in NJ
New Jersey is famous for amazing pizza. There are so many pizzerias to choose from, it can get a bit overwhelming. Start your discovery of all the great pizza in NJ today. You can start with the places on this list of the best pizza in New Jersey!
Best salad restaurants in New Jersey
Best Salads in NJ
Finding restaurants that offer a wide selection of non-greasy, quick and healthy meals is sometimes hard. If salads are one of your favorite meals, check out our full list of the best salads in NJ.

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Best New Jersey Restaurants by Food Type

For more specific results, see the best NJ restaurants by county. Also check out our list of the best restaurants in New Jersey by cuisine to try something new tonight!

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