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Find information about cool scenic helicopter rides and tours in NJ.
Also see flight training schools in NJ below

Northeast NJ
HeliNY - Helicopter Flight Services 
Paulus Hook, Jersey City, NJ

HeliNY - Helicopter Flight Services fun helicopter tours in Northern NJ Helicopter Tours, Scenic Flights & Photography!
HeliNY - Helicopter Flight Services offers tours that depart from Paulus Hook in Jersey City NJ. You and your guests will be able to see the outstanding views of New York City out of your own window seats. Their standard tour which lasts around 12 to 15 minutes allows you to witness the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park like you've never seen them before! They also offer longer tour packages which includes a 35 minute tour around New York City.

If you want to astound your soon to be fiance so you can have an amazing proposal story for your friends then the HeliNY - Helicopter Flight Services tours are perfect for you! Take her up for a jaw-dropping New York Helicopter Tour and propose to her to the best view of the New York City skyline at sunset, or midnight.

An amazing date or proposal idea!

Wings Air Helicopters
Scenic Helicopter rides in New York
Wings Air Helicopters is based out of Westchester County Airport (KHPN) in White Plains NY. Their spacious helicopters feature wraparound glass for outstanding visibility and picture taking, forward faced seating and individual comfort seats. Each passenger will enjoy state-of-the-art noise reduction headsets with voice-activated microphones allowing passengers to easily and comfortably communicate with each other and the pilot. Wings Air Helicopters also offers flight training and helicopter charters.

Yards Creek Soaring
Yards Creek Soaring, 36 Lambert Road, Blairstown, NJ 908-362-1239
Scenic Airplane rides in NJ
Experience Soaring the ultimate in outdoor adventures. FAA certified pilots will accompany you on an awesome ride that will have you floating above some of the most scenic landscape in the country. We are located at Blairstown Airport in Blairstown, NJ just minutes from I-80 on Rt 94. Spectacular sunset flights available. Bring your camera!! Helicopter Flight Services
Paulus Hook, Jersey City, NJ
Scenic Helicopter tours in NJ

Get on an awesome tour that departs from Paulus Hook in Jersey City New Jersey. Paulus Hook is just one mile across the river from Manhattan. This tour is great for photographers. Also offering helicopter charters in New Jersey.

The Cannibal Queen
Ocean County Airport

BiPlane rides over New Jersey Beaches!
The Cannibal Queen is one of the most historic and oldest aircraft of all time. Now you can ride this amazing unique aircraft over our beautiful New Jersey beaches. Rides start at one half hour and can be customized to almost any length of time. This is truly one of New Jersey's most unbelievable experiences.



See where you can get your private pilot license in NJ.
list of New Jersey flight schools and Flight instruction in NJ

Helicopter Flight Services
60 Fostertown Rd, Medford, NJ, 609-265-0822
Helicopter Flight Training in NJ
Our main goal is teaching future pilots like yourself and bringing you into the exciting world of helicopter aviation. From piston to turbine we allow our students to go at their own pace. Our accredited school is family owned and our main goal is to bring you outstanding service. I would like to setup a time with you to come in and see our facilities and give you an introductory flight! Please call 609-265-0822 for an appointment today.

Century Air Flight Training
19 Wright Way, Essex County Airport, Fairfield, NJ 973-575-4800
Airplane Flight Training in NJ
Is learning to fly something you've often thought about? Century Flight Academy is an exceptional training facility! We have given thousands of pilots the structured training required to obtain a pilot? certificate whether a Private Pilot or an Airline Transport pilot flying for the major airlines. Whether your desire to fly is for personal pleasure, or to obtain a career goal, the first step is to find a professional, 141 approved flight training facility to begin your journey.
Century Air offers the finest quality 141 approved training available in general aviation today. We invite you to visit our facility and experience: "excellence in aviation training."

Best in Flight Aviation Academy
9 Airport Road, Morristown, New Jersey 973-683-9002
Airplane Flight Training in NJ
Making your dream to fly convenient with early morning and evening instruction times to fit your busy schedule, plus full mid-week and weekend hours. Best in Flight Aviation is a full service flight school offering individualized training toward the Sport Pilot, Private and Commercial Certificates, as well as initial and recurrent advanced instrument proficiency training.

Introductory Flight lesson at the Princeton Airport
41 Airpark Road Princeton, NJ, 609-921-3100
Airplane Flight Training in NJ
The airport is located on Route 206 in Montgomery Township, Somerset County, on the border of Princeton, Mercer County. Princeton Airport is a privately-owned, public use facility serving the Central Jersey region with a variety of services and products which meets the needs of the general aviation consumer - the pilot, the airplane owner, and the corporate user. The staff of instructors can meet the course needs of students training for the private pilot, instrument, commercial, flight instructor, and multi-engine courses. Instruction is given seven days a week from 8AM until dark, by appointment

Central Jersey Airport
1034 Millstone River Road, Hillsborough, NJ, 908-526-2822
Airplane Flight Training NJ
Attend a Private Pilot Ground School in Hillsbourough at the Central Jersey Airport. Classes will be held every Tuesday beginning at 7:00 PM. The length of the classes will generally last about 2 hours. The cost for the entire 11-week course will be $189. Individuals who wish to attend specific classes may do so for $20 per class.

Solberg Aviation Co.
Airplane Flight Training - Aircraft rental and Flight simulators in NJ

Solberg Aviation Co., Inc. is a full service FBO (Fixed Base Operator) and Cessna Pilot Center providing a wide variety of services to the general aviation community. Services include flight training, aircraft rental, aircraft charter, maintenance, fuel services, Flight simulators plus much more. Solberg Aviation is located at the Solberg Airport in Readington, NJ about 35 miles west of New York City.

Adrenaline 365
Introductory Flight Lesson in NJ
Adrenaline 365 offers an awesome introductory flight lesson where you can actually take the controls in the Robinson R-22 (lightweight) helicopter. Adrenaline 365 is located in Pittstown Nj and the introductory lesson is just $205!

Heritage Flight Academy
Islip MacArthur Airport, Long Island, NY, 800-786-9060
Airplane Flight Training on Long Island NY

Located on Long Island NY, Heritage Flight Academy is dedicated to serving you and making your dream of flying a reality. We don't do anything else that might divert our attention from your "Learn to Fly" goals. You can expect personal, quality flying lessons, tailored to your specific needs, guaranteed to help you save time and money.
We are conveniently located at Long Island Macarthur Airport, (KISP). Feel free to call, walk-in for a visit, browse our Pilot Shop or schedule an Introductory Flight Lesson. Just look for our sign on Smithtown Avenue - you cant miss it. The Introductory Flight lesson is only $99!

Somerset Air Service Flight School
150 Airport Road, Bedminster, NJ 908-722-2444
Airplane Flight Training in West Central NJ

Somerset Air Services, Inc has been professionally training pilots for over fifty years. Whether you want to take a few lessons, complete a private pilot's certificate or wish to pursue a career in aviation, they can take you there. Located in Bedminster NJ.


Basic Questions answered about getting your Private Pilots License in NJ
The private pilot license is your first step to an aviation career! Private pilots learn the basics of flying over approximately 40-60 hrs of flying. They learn basic aircraft handling, in-flight maneuvers, navigation as well as FAA regulations. Please see some frequently asked questions below. Always check with a certified flight school in NJ or NJ State regulations for 100% accuracy of the answers to the questions below.

Why learn to fly?
There a many reasons to want to fly. Throughout the years many people have dreamed of becoming a pilot simply to experience the thrill of flying. Some people learn to fly to simply have the sense of accomplishment of mastering a skill. Flying allows yet others to see the world from a Birds-eye view. One of the most conventional reasons is simply so that you can get from place to place quickly. A person with his private pilot license can get from point A to Point B sooner than the airline passenger, and can land at a smaller airport that is more convenient and closer to the destination. A private pilot can fly the family or friends for a day at the beach or skiing, or just to have lunch or dinner with a distant friend or relative. Driving the same distance would be impractical. For those interested in a career in aviation, obtaining a private pilot's license is an important step.

What are the requirements to get a pilot's license in NJ?
There are three basic requirements for learning to fly powered airplanes in NJ:
1. You must be at least 16 years old to solo an aircraft and 17 years old to obtain a private pilot's certificate (but you may begin training at a younger age).
2. You must pass a third class medical exam (similar to a routine physical check-up).
3. You must be able to read, speak, write and understand English.
As a pilot, you'll be governed by the regulations set up by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The more responsibility you take on as a pilot, the more stringent the FAA requirements become. For more information on requirements for specific ratings and certificates, click on Flight Training - Certificates or Ratings.

Can I go on an introductory flight to see if I like it?
Yes. Most Fight schools offer an introductory flight for a small fee. It is a great way to test the waters (or skies that is!)

How much does it cost to get a typical pilot's license?

The typical cost is anywhere from $5500 to $9500. You can usually stretch the payments over a period of 4 to 6 months. Some Flight schools also offer financing. Although this may seem like a lot of money, it is really not that bad if you consider other hobbies like boating or golfing. If you want to become a career pilot you can expect to spend between $20,000 to $30,000 typically for a professional program.

Do I have to attend an aviation university if I want to be a career pilot?
No you do not have to attend an aviation university to get your private pilots license or to become a career pilot. It is always a good idea to get a four-year degree, but it is not a requirement to obtain your degree in aviation.

Is it difficult is it to learn to fly?
It does take some time and practice to master the skill of flying. It depends on your determination and how much effort you put into it. The good news is, is that anyone can learn to fly! Thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds have learned to fly. Most students reach a plateau during their training when they seem to be stuck mastering one of the skills (landing is usually the toughest to master), but once past that point, a very high percentage go on to pass their test.

How long does it take to get a Private Pilot's license?
Most people will achieve their private pilot's certificate between 55-65 hours of flight time. This includes flight time spent with a flight instructor (dual) and time spent flying alone (solo). Most students take four to six months from their first lesson until they pass the test for their Private Pilot's license. If you have the time, you could conceivably obtain your license quicker usually 8 weeks. Some people spread their training over a year or two. It all depends on the amount of time you can invest.

What kind of plane would I fly as a beginner?
Student pilots must begin training in single engine aircraft. Most schools use small Cessna aircraft. It takes many hours of actual flight time training and experience before you should consider training in a jet aircraft.

What are the age restrictions too learn to fly?
There are no age restrictions to learning how to fly except that you must be at least 16 years old to solo an aircraft and 17 years old to obtain a private pilot's certificate (but you may begin training at a younger age). There are no restrictions for age of seniors as long as you pass the physical.

What kind of physical condition must I be in to learn how to fly?
Pilots are required to pass a basic physical examination before their first solo flight. Most people with average health can pass the physical. Of course if you have a more serious illness or condition, you should check with a local Flight school to find out more exact requirements. As far as eyesight goes, you need a minimum of 20/30
vision corrected or un-corrected (with or without eyeglasses). Please check with a flight school if you are legally blind in one eye but have 20/20 vision in the other eye.

How safe is flying?
Statistically, flying is safer than driving in your car. Most pilots fly a lifetime without an accident of any kind. Airplanes must undergo rigorous inspections and maintenance, so a mechanical failure is also very rare.

How long is each lesson?
Typically lessons consist of about one hour of pre-flight preparations inspections, discussions and one hour of actual flying time.


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Flight Instruction in NJ

Enjoy some of the most exciting aerial tours of New Jersey by taking advantage of any of these NJ air tours or NJ helicopter rides. We have done the research for you so you can receive the finest NJ flight instruction from top instructors in the industry.

For more fun activities, see our complete guide to Outdoor Adventures in NJ. You can also explore our guides to Airplane Rides in PA, Helicopter Tours in PA, Airplane Rides in NY, or New York Helicopter Tours.
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