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Best Smoke Shops in NJ

Smoking in NJ

Here is a list of various smoke shops in New Jersey. Find numerous unique smoke stores around the state. We don't just have smoke shops, we also have vape shops, hookah lounges and even bars that allow smoking!

Smoking Bars in NJ
Bars you can Smoke in
If you want to grab a drink with friends but don't want to go outside for a smoke, you need a bar that allows smoking! We have a full list of smoking bars throughout NJ! Check it out!

Cool Hookah Lounges in NJ
Hookah Lounges
It's never too late to try something new. Whether you're a newbie or a longtime user, hookah lounges are a great place to relax! Look at our list of hookah lounges for one near you!

NJ Smoke Shops
Smoke Shops
It can be hard to find cool and interesting tobacco pipes in your area, but we have an extensive list of smoke shops in NJ. Find a local shop near you that has everything you need!
Vape Shops NJ
Vape Shops
Smoke vapors are a rising fad. View our comprehensive list of NJ vape shops and get your hands on an e-cig today! These stores have various vape flavors so everyone can leave happy!

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Smoking Hang Outs in NJ

Looking for a nice bar to visit after leaving the smoke shop? Check out our list of Bars in NJ by Category! Also look at our list of Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in NJ for awesome restaurants you can go to with your significant other!

Want to find bars that allow smoking in other states? Click here for a list of Smoking Bars in NY. If you are heading to Pennsylvania, check out our list of PA Bars you can Smoke in!
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