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Cool and Unique Cultural Attractions in NJ

Living in a state with a lot of diversity, it is important that people are aware of different nationalities, cultures and ways of living. Find a list of the various cultural attractions in NJ and expand your knowledge on not only national ethos, but also art, dance and so much more!

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Somerset County Tourism Website | 908-218-4300
, ,    Northern NJ
Somerset County Tourism cultural attractions in NJ

The Heart of NJew Jersey! 
The Arts and Culture in Somerset County exist in tandem with historically significant locations. Live concert, dance and theatre performances are held in historical buildings. These venues and community groups enrich Somerset County with their art, music, crafts and customs.

Play a round of golf at any of our distinguished public and private courses. Duke Farms, developed by James Buchanan Duke and passed on to daughter Doris Duke, this 2,700 acre property offers public access to miles of trails along with a variety of educational programs and recreational opportunities. United States Golf Association Museum, home to the world's premier collection of golf artifacts and memorabilia, brings the greatest moments in American golf history to life.

Brooks Arts Center, one of only eight surviving vaudeville houses and dating back to 1927, offers live performances and silent movies, hosts educational and fundraising events, and serves as an arts incubator. The Edward Nash Theatre at Raritan Valley Community Collage is a proscenium style auditorium with one thousand seats on two levels. With excellent acoustics and sight lines, it is the perfect setting for concerts, theatre and dance.

The Center for Contemporary Art, a vibrant regional art center with studio art classes, a summer art camp, rotating exhibitions and community outreach programs is housed in a two story brick and frame former school that was constructed in 1912 and once the Township's municipal building.

Unique Cultural Attractions and Historic Buildings!

City Without Walls Website | 973-622-2941
6 Crawford St., Newark, NJ 07102  Northern NJ
City Without Walls Fun Cultural Attractions in Essex County NJ Art culture in NJ
City Without Walls (cWOW), is an art gallery which displays the works of New Jersey artists who come from different backgrounds and cultures. The cultural experience of visitors is one of diversity. There are typically numerous pieces of contemporary art on display, each documenting the artist's own cultural or life experience.

This cultural gallery in NJ doesn't simply look to show you pieces of artwork, they also want to educate you. cWOW offers educational programs for both artists and young children who aspire to become artists. Artists can participate in cWOW's educational program which makes it easy for professionals to keep up with emerging trends and opportunities. Young children can take part in the ArtReach program which pairs them with working artists so they can learn directly from someone in the field. In addition, cWOW also offers apprenticeship programs as well as art technology programs that will enhance everyone's experience within the field.

Fun cultural attraction in Essex County
Whitesbog Village Website | 609-283-0255
120 - 34 Whitesbog Rd., Browns Mills, NJ 08015  Southern NJ
Whitesbog Village Burlington County NJ Cultural Attractions Learn about the American blueberry culture in NJ!
Whitesbog Village, the birthplace of the highbush blueberry, is a historic center that looks to educate visitors on the blueberry and cranberry culture in the United States. Visitors to this Southern NJ cultural attraction will learn about the natural environment, the history of Whitesbog and, most importantly, agricultural history of NJ.

Education on the agricultural views of the NJ Pinelands are conducted through tours, programs and even events. Whether you are visiting this cultural landmark because you are uncertain of what an agricultural culture is, or you are visiting because you want to learn more about the NJ Pinelands, you will expand your knowledge and leave with a better understanding of why New Jersey is called The Garden State. This cultural landmark also offers various scheduled programs to their visitors. You are invited to take part in historical tours, lectures conducted by experts in the industry, festivals and so much more! There is fun for the whole family in Whitesbog Village.

A cool Southern NJ attraction!
The Afro-American Historical Society Museum Website | 201-547-5262
1841 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, NJ 07305  Northeast NJ
The Afro American Historical Society Museum Cultural NJ Attractions Learn about the African American culture in Jersey City!
The Afro-American Historical Society Museum in Northeast NJ seeks to educate visitors on the rich cultural history of African Americans. At the museum you will learn to appreciate the beliefs, values and heritage many African Americans share. They have various exhibits that document both historical and cultural strides for African Americans, programs which allow you to get involved and learn about events that can further expand the community's involvement in cultural education.

All of the museum's events are free and open to the public because the primary goal is to get people interested in either their own, or a different, nationality. Cool events are happening almost every weekend, so there are plenty of chances to come out and learn something new. It is strongly believed by those who operate The Afro-American Historical Society Museum that when you get involved and learn about something new, you foster communication and acceptance.

Cultural attractions in the Northeast!
The Art School at Old Church Website | 201-767-7160
561 Piermont Rd., Demarest, NJ 07627  Northeast NJ
The Art School at Old Church Bergen County NJ Cultural Attractions Learn about art culture first-hand
Located in Northeast NJ, The Art School at Old Church is more than just an art school, it is also a gallery where people can learn about the industry, cultural influences on art styles and, if they desire, take classes. Their goal is to provide Bergen County residents with a wide variety of cultural and educational offerings so that the community grows and learns about acceptance and the power of art.

This non-profit cultural attraction features two art galleries which showcase work either by professional artists, or the students of The Art School at Old Church. If you are looking to view the contemporary works of professionals, you will want to explore the Mikhail Zakin Gallery. However, if you wish to see the final products of students at the school, maybe because you are considering taking classes yourself, you should explore the Cafe Gallery.

They have classes for everyone in the family!
Drake House Museum Website | 908-755-5831
602 West Front St., Plainfield, NJ 07060  Central NJ
Drake House Museum Cool American Cultural Attractions Central NJ Union County NJ Cultural Attraction
Drake House Museum, a historical museum in Central NJ, not only teaches visitors about historical events, it also teaches visitors about the American culture in 1746. As one of the cool cultural attractions in NJ, Drake House Museum was originally built as a home for Nathaniel Drake, son of Isaac Drake, and now functions as a museum to educate the masses.

It was at this location that many Revolutionary War activities took place, upon visiting this museum you will learn about the cultural relations between opposing troops. Many aspects of the American culture can be studied at this museum and the artwork on display assists in conveying the information. While it is easy for someone to explain cultural relations between people, images such as "The Death of General Sedgwick," and other masterpieces, show the relationship between soldiers.

Learn about history and culture!
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