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The art of candle making is one that interests many people. From deciding what colors to use to choosing your favorite scents, the options are endless. If you are looking for a candle making location, look no further! We have an entire list of make your own candle places in NJ!

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Watershed Association Website | 609-737-3735
31 Titus Mill Rd., Pennington, NJ 08534  Central NJ
Watershed Association NJ make your own candle events Central NJ candle workshops
Located in Pennington, NJ, the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association periodically offers visitors a candle making course. While these courses are not offered all the time, they are definitely fun, educational and let you leave with your very own candle creation!

Being taught by a naturalist, students who travel to Central NJ for this class will learn the true art of making their own candle. Watershed Association will teach anyone and everyone, member or non-member, how to hand-dip candles, mold candles and even sand candles! There are many techniques used to making your own candles and NJ residents who decide to take this course are sure to learn a little bit of everything!

Not only will students learn the art of molding candles, they will also learn how to add embellishments and make their candle match their personality.

These candles make a great gift!

Handmade Soap Coach Website | 973-531-7455
468 Totowa Ave., Suite 3K, Paterson, NJ 07514  Northern NJ
Handmade Soap Coach NJ Soy Candle Making Class Make a soy candle in North NJ!
Handmade Soap Coach, a company that provides customers with all natural and homemade body cleansing products, also offers NJ residents a Soy Candlemaking class. Making candles yourself can be fun, and Handmade Soap Coach wants to share their skills, and the fun, with all of NJ and the surrounding states!

Knowing that students attending this class will be doing so out of either pure interest or because they want to start a candle-making business one day, the staff approaches the lessons in a fun and informative manner. During this class you will learn the entire process to making your very own soy candle. As an introductory course with hands-on demonstration, you will learn all of the basics to creating your own soy candles. Of course you will learn the safety measures that should be taken, standards that are required for the candle industry, the candle making jargon, what equipment will be needed and so much more!

It may seem like the course is focused on the industry side of candle making in NJ, but that is not the case! Along with the basics of how to start making a candle, you will actually MAKE your own candle! You will learn the types of wax needed, containers that are best for soy based candles, wicking and of course how to fragrance a candle to your liking.

Make it a hobby or a business venture!
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