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Bicycle Tours in NJ - Tour NJ by Bike

If you are considering taking a tour of NJ but don't want to be confined to a bus all day, consider all of your options. The state of New Jersey offers wonderful bicycle tours that allow you to see the sites and keep active. We have a complete list of bike tours throughout the Garden State.

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BTCNJ Website | 201-417-1417
Leaving from Ridgewood, NJ 07451,    Northeast NJ
BTCNJ Bicycle Tours of Northern NJ Tour North NJ by bike!
The Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey (BTCNJ) is a non-profit club dedicated to the sport of cycling, as well as seeing the entire state of New Jersey. They believe that bike riding is a fun and healthy way for you to see NJ and offer an active ride schedule so anyone, member or non-member, visitor or NJ resident, can take part in their tours.

As the largest touring club in NJ, the BTCNJ maintains an active riding schedule so no one is ever bored or wishing there were more rides. You can take a bicycle tour that is as short as 20 miles or one that is as long as 42 miles, the choice is yours and depends primarily on your bike riding abilities. It doesn't matter how long or short of a bike tour you decide to take though, the main goal is to see NJ and enjoy the ride in the process!

Consider becoming a member today!
Central Jersey Bicycle Club Website | 732-225-4827
Leaving from, New Brunswick, NJ 08906  Central NJ
Central Jersey Bicycle Club Bike Tours Leaving from Central NJ Start your NJ bike tour in Central NJ
If you are looking to tour the entire state of NJ by bicycle, consider joining the Central Jersey Bicycle Club, Inc. for one of their rides. This NJ cycling club leaves from Central NJ and covers a lot of ground during each ride. If you join them once or twice, you are sure to see countless scenes of NJ. From beautiful farm areas to slightly more built up areas, you are sure to see it all!

As one of the oldest bicycle touring clubs in the state of New Jersey, the Central Jersey Bicycle Club has grown over the years and now offers a wide variety of tours. You can take a bike tour that covers as little as 10 miles or as much as 62 miles of NJ! Cyclists of all skill levels and abilities are welcome on tours as well. Central Jersey Bicycle club is happy to include everyone and show them the beauty of NJ!

Accommodations can be made for those with limited ability!
Tour de Pines Website | 609-859-8860
17 Pemberton Road, Southampton, NJ 08088  Southern NJ
Tour de Pines Fun NJ Bicycle Tours Annual Bicycle Tours in NJ
The Pinelands Preservation Alliance of New Jersey offers annual bike tours to enthusiasts of NJ. Men and women from around the state are welcome to come out and cycle for a good cause. The Tour de Pines Bicycle Tour goes through the NJ Pinelands and all proceeds made from the event go towards a worthy cause such as nature preservations or research.

Taking part in this bicycle tour means that every day, for about 5 days, you will cover 40 - 50 miles of NJ at speeds of 11 - 13 mph. While this may seem like a lot of space covered, it is nothing to be overwhelmed about since riders are encouraged to move at their own pace.

This bicycle tour is meant to be challenging yet fun therefore self-management and motivation are musts!

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Pour and Pedal Website | 732-687-3739
85 Archertown Rd., New Egypt, NJ 08533  Central NJ
Pour and Pedal Interesting Bicycle Tours in NJ Bicycle tours of NJ wineries!
Pour and Pedal is a tour company which operates in both New Jersey and New York and offers residents of both states a unique way to tour wineries: by bike! You can embrace your love for both wine and cycling as you take a tour of one of NJ's wineries with Pour and Pedal.

Providing you with high quality bicycles fully equipped with a basket for your personal belongings and wines, Pour and Pedal's bike tours cover at least 10 miles of land. The tour guides begin each tour with an introduction and the guidelines for safety.

Once the introductions and safety instructions are taken care of, you will begin your awesome bicycle tour of a winery in either New Egypt or Ringoes, NJ. In addition to the beautiful scenery you will see on this tour, you will also be given samples of various wines and learn what it takes to become a wine aficionado.

A different kind of bike tour in NJ
NJ Bike Tours Website | 801-548-2285
14 Trumbull Ct., Princeton, NJ 08540  Central NJ
NJ Bike Tours Awesome Bicycle Tours of NJ Bicycle Tours throughout the state!
NJ Bike Tours, a bicycle touring company that seeks to communicate the history and beauty of New Jersey to everyone through a bicycle ride, offers participants numerous touring options for all levels of experience. If you wish to see the state while cycling, take part in a Farm2Table tour. On this bike tour you will ride past a dozen farms and wineries, learning about the fresh side of the state.

Their Magical History bicycle tour, which is offered to beginner and intermediate riders, visits numerous historical sites and spans 13 - 30 miles. Another option is to take the Scenic Spin bike tour which takes you through some of the most beautiful areas of NJ.

If you wish to visit New Jersey's oldest covered bridge, NJ Bike Tours offers that option too! Heading off the beaten path, you will travel 40 - 60 miles and be given a chance to explore the last covered bridge in the state.

Everyone is welcome to take a bike tour of NJ!
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