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New Jersey is one of the most diverse states in the U.S. and its realm of education reflects that. Travel to Italy and take in the delicious and dynamic flavors of authentic Italian cuisine in a cooking class. Or make your way down south to the Caribbean where you can discover the fluid movements of the Salsa in a dance lesson. Learn all this and more without ever leaving New Jersey. Whichever local NJ class or workshop you engage in, the takeaway will be larger than you can imagine!

Acting lessons NJ Acting and Drama Classes in NJ
Improv, Broadway, voice acting, musical drama and more fun classes are available in your area. Check out this list of acting and drama classes to find a type that's right for you.
Art lessons NJ Art Classes in NJ
Whether you want to take up a new hobby or want to improve a skill you already possess, these classes cover a wide range of artistic mediums. Learn to paint, sculpt, draw and more when you take NJ lessons in art.
Bartending Classes in NJ Bartending Classes in NJ
A great choice for a useful hobby, a weekend job or simply to impress your friends, bartending classes are fun! See this list of local bartending classes so you can learn NJ!
Learn to Use a Computer in NJ Computer Classes in NJ
Whether you want to learn to search the internet with more accuracy, learn to type faster or simply need to learn the basics of word processing, these classes will help you.
Learn to Cook in NJ Cooking Classes in NJ
From cupcakes to casseroles, these lessons will help you learn to cook. Take a couples cooking class as a fun date idea or learn on your own as a new hobby.
Learn CPR NJ CPR Classes in NJ
Learn skills that could help you save a life when you take a course in CPR. Getting certified is easier than you might think - check out these classes we have listed in our helpful directory.
Learn to Dance in NJ Dance Classes in NJ
Great for exercise, coordination and to met new people - dance classes come in many types. Find group and private dance classes in our categorized directory.
Learn to Fly in NJ Flying Lessons in NJ
Get your pilot license to fly and see the world from a new perspective. Flying can be a fun hobby as well as a useful skill.
Learn a Language in NJ Language Classes in NJ
Whether you want to revisit high-school Spanish or want to learn a language from scratch, these language lessons in NJ will help. See our list of the many types of languages you can learn in New Jersey.
Learn a Language in NJ Learning for kids in NJ
From acedemic tutoring to after-school activities, we've got you covered when it comes to learning with kids in New Jersey.
Martial Arts Classes in NJ Martial Arts Lessons in NJ
Perfect for self-defense or as a fitness exercise, these martial arts classes will teach self discipline and gracefulness. Choose from kickboxing, karate, kendo and more!
Modeling Classes in NJ Modeling Schools in NJ
Whether you're looking to walk down the runway like a pro, or take top-notch pictures for magazines, you can get all the top training and tips here at these modeling schools in NJ!
Learn Music in NJ Music Lessons in NJ
It has been said, "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words." So learn to express yourself in a new way when you take up an instrument. From drums to piano, you'll find all sorts of lessons in NJ.
Learn Music in NJ Photography Lessons in NJ
Capture the beauty of nature, precious memories and exotic locations when you learn photography. Learn about lighting, composition and more in these useful classes.
Recreational Classes in NJ Recreational Classes in NJ
Learn to ice skate, SCUBA dive, ski, shoot a bow and arrow and much more when you use this directory of fun recreational classes. If you're looking for a new hobby, you just might find it here.

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Search for a wide variety of fun and informative classes and lessons in NJ, from exercise classes to guitar lessons to acting classes, we are your definitive guide to NJ lessons. Spend your next NJ rainy day learning something new!

For information about classes and lessons in neighboring states, see our list of PA Classes or New York Classes.
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