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Learn And Play!

Take the kids somewhere they can enjoy fascinating exhibits and maybe even come home with some new facts to share. Learning centers in Union County, NJ give them the opportunity to go beyond what they learn in school or what they do on their own time. Let their curiosity take them on a journey as they navigate the museum, learning something new every step of the way.


Indoor Fun On A Rainy Day!

If the outside weather is a bit too dreary but you've already explored the museums in your area, there are still ways to spend a family day together! Check out our compilation of over 150 rainy day activities that can be enjoyed all over state. Your kids will thank you for dragging them out of the house to explore a cool new location.

The Best For Kids!

Out of all the museums, some are just a better fit for kids. They'll have more fun being able to explore interactive exhibits and activities. The 16 best museums for kids include some of the ones mentioned, as well as several others. Read about them to see which one might be the best fit for your little one.

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