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New Jersey Lottery Results: Information, Lottery Systems & Betting Strategies

NJ Lottery System

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Get your NJ lottery numbers and results right here on our website! Find results of recent NJ lottery winning numbers quickly.

The results are from The State of New Jersey's official website njlottery.com.

The winning numbers are posted daily with the payouts. It is easy to see if you've won past drawings with their all-new cool ticket checker.

See results from recent draw games for the pick 3, pick 4, pick 5 (Jersey cash 5), and pick 6 as well as results for, Quick Draw, Cash Pop, Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash4Llife, 5 card cash, and Fast Play.

Learn how to play these games, see odds, and prizes, and even watch drawings! You can also find which top prizes are left on New Jersey Scratch-Off Tickets. Loteria NJ!


New Jersey Pick 3 Winning Numbers

See recent midday and evening pick 3 winning numbers.

Here's how to play the pick 3.

Pick 3 odd and prizes.


New Jersey Lottery Pick 4 Winning Numbers

See recent midday and evening pick 4 winning numbers.

New Jersey lottery results.

Jersey Cash 5 Results | Winning Numbers coco

See recent pick 5 winning numbers.


Pick 6 Results Winning Numbers

See recent pick 6 winning numbers.

Prosperity birthcode reading to improve chances for winning the New Jersey lottery.

NJ Quick Draw Results Winning Numbers

See recent Quick Draw winning numbers.


Cash Pop Results Winning Numbers

See recent Cash Pop winning numbers.

 Watch This Video Below to Learn How to Play Cash Pop


Power Ball NJ Winning Numbers

See recent Powerball winning numbers


Mega Millions NJ Winning Numbers

See recent NJ lottery Mega Millions winning numbers

There were 6 mega million winners in 2022.


Cash4Life Ball Winning Numbers

See recent Cash4Life winning numbers

Lottery Increaser

5 Card Cash Winning Numbers

See recent 5 Card Cash winning numbers


Fast Play Winning Numbers

See recent Fast Play winning numbers.


New Jersey Scratch-Offs! 

See which scratch-off games are active and check how many top prizes remain. You can sort these NJ scratch offs by ticket price. 

See what the New Jersey scratch-off division has been up to lately.


Million Dollar Replay 

The million-dollar replay gives New Jersey players an awesome opportunity to win up to $1 million for losing scratch-off tickets that they have bought.

All you have to do is collect $10 worth of eligible non-winning scratch-off tickets for each entry. If you submit a $20 non-winning scratch-off you will get entries.

To enter, simply follow this link scroll down, and put your ticket game number and serial number into the form provided.


Tips on Improving Your Chances of Winning on a Scratch-Off


Some people who play scratch-offs may not realize that there is a tried-and-true way to improve your odds of winning on a scratch-off ticket.

The secret sauce is simply just to check with the active scratch-offs available and look at the top prizes remaining.

: We are going to use a $20 scratch-off ticket example for demonstration purposes. Let's say that a $20 scratch-off gets launched on January 1.

And you are going to buy the ticket about three months after the launch around April 1. The first thing you want to look at is the total prizes available. Then you just simply want to look at the total remaining prizes.

Let's use the scenario below.

In this example, there are still three $1 million prizes remaining, and there are a good amount of second and third place awards. So this would be a great lottery ticket to buy! The three top prizes are waiting to be won.


Prize AmountTotal PrizesPRIZES REMAINING
$1,000,000* 3 3
$10,000 60 40
$2,000 954 649


All too often people will buy a lottery ticket without doing any research and none of the top prizes are remaining.

You should always try to buy the tickets that have jackpots remaining
 as well as a bunch of other smaller prizes remaining to increase your chances.

There is no 100% set theory in the success of buying a scratch-off lottery ticket but we feel that buying tickets when it's first launched is a great idea because all the prizes are available.

It also seems like a great idea if the tickets have been on sale for over half a year and there are still top prizes remaining. You should consider the length of time the ticket has been in circulation.

We hope these tips prove helpful and we want to thank you for visiting our site to find your New Jersey lottery results!


Pick 3 & Pick 4 Now Have Fixed Prize Amounts! 

We feel that this is a great change for New Jersey lottery players. The new guaranteed fixed prize amounts set a fixed number when you play the pick three or the pick 4.


  • A Pick-3 $1 Straight winning ticket will pay you a fixed amount of 500.
  • A Pick-4 $1 Straight winning ticket will pay you a fixed amount of $5,000.

In the past, the winnings would be divided by all the winning tickets. So if a lot of people won on your drawing, you would get a lesser prize amount.

So the advantage of the fixed prize is that you always win bigger prizes and there will be more winning tickets!


Player Tools 

This cool ticket checker will ensure that you never throw another winning lottery ticket away by mistake!

A lot of lottery players don't know this, but you can check for past trends of hot and cold numbers!

Players can watch dawings live on the NJ lottery website.

Not sure where you can buy your lottery tickets? Now, you can use this awesome lottery store finder.

It is handy for times when you're away from your hometown. All you have to do is pop in the ZIP Code where you are and you will find local retailers near you.

Download the mobile app and start taking advantage of many different amazing features:

  • Create your ePlayslips with your favorite numbers.
  • Scan your ticket right from your mobile device.
  • Get push notifications.

Join their VIP club today to improve your chances of winning the New Jersey Lottery!


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