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New Jersey Facts and State Symbols

Most locals know that New Jersey's nickname is "The Garden State", as you could tell by the iconic and always backed-up Garden State Parkway. Looking for some more brief fun facts and symbols related to the great state of NJ? Check out our extensive list of all of New Jersey's official state trademarks to get a little Jersey inspiration!

New Jersey History

The first people known to live on New Jersey's land were known as the Delaware Indians. They lived in small communities and relied on hunting, fishing, and clamming for food. Their primary crops were corn, sweet potatoes, squash, and beans. Giovanni de Verrazano was the first European to explore New Jersey, and he did so in 1524. Henry Hudson arrived in 1609 and named the land as "New Netherlands". The British took control of New Netherlands in 1664 and it was added to their colonies. Sir George Carteret was the governor of the Isle of Jersey in the English Channel (which is why we now have a town called Carteret!), and it was decided that the land should be called New Jersey. 

New Jersey State Bird

 Eastern Goldfinch State Bird NJ

Type: Eastern Goldfinch

New Jersey State Flower

Violet NJ State Flower

Type: Violet

New Jersey State Tree

Red Oak NJ State Tree

Type: Red Oak

New Jersey State Mammal

Horse New Jersey State Mammal

Type: Horse

New Jersey State Fish

Brook Trout NJ State Fish

Type: Brook Trout

New Jersey State Fruit

Blueberry New Jersey State Fruit

Type: Blueberry

New Jersey State Shell

Knobbed Whelk NJ State Shell

Type: Knobbed Whelk

New Jersey State Dinosaur

Hadrosaurus foulkii NJ State Dinosaur

Type: Hadrosaurus foulkii (Duck billed dinosaur)

New Jersey State Motto

New Jersey State Seal

Type: Liberty and Prosperity

New Jersey State Flag

New Jersey State Flag

New Jersey State Insect

Honeybee NJ State Insect

Type: Honeybee

New Jersey State Colors

New Jersey State Colors Blue and Buff

Buff and Blue

New Jersey State Nickname

New Jersey Nickname Garden State

Garden State 

Did you know?

New Jersey was the very first state to ratify the Constitution.

Atlantic City, New Jersey has the longest boardwalk in the world.

New Jersey is the most densley populated state in the United States of America. On average, 1,030 people live per square mile. 

The very first baseball game ever played was in Hoboken, NJ. 

New Jersey has the most diners in the world. We are well known for loving our diner food... at all hours of the day!


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