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See all the counties and general towns in NJ and their location relative to you. This is a great source for knowing what's near you and what's not when planning a trip or simply for general knowledge. Plan a road trip to visit as many spots north, south, central, and coastal, as you can! It's the only way to truly experience all there is to see in the Garden State.

New Jersey is divided into six regions. The Skylands region, Gateway region, Delaware River region, Shore Region, Southern Shore region and The Greater Atlantic City Area. NJ has 21 counties. This map of NJ is color coded and shows each New Jersey county within the region that it lies.


Color Coded Map of NJ Counties


NJ is filled with travelers and commuters everyday. It's not easy getting around especially when you have multiple stops on your list or when you have to be somewhere at a specific time. Take some travel tips with you on your journey that will help you find the optimal strategy for getting to your destination.

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