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NJ Dance Studios, Dance Classes and Dance Lessons guide

Expand your experience in the world of arts through dance.  NJ has hundreds of qualified instructors in ready to train students in an assortment of styles and techniques. Regardless of age or skill, there is a spot open for you at a class so put on your dancing shoes and head over to your local studio!

Ballet Classes guide NJ
Ballet Dance Lessons
If you're looking for schools that offer training in classical ballet, then you are in the right place! Find awesome dance studios and schools in New Jersey that offer ballet dance lessons and classes. Our guide to ballet classes and lessons is the best in all of New Jersey.
Ballroom dance guide in NJ
Ballroom Dance Lessons
Find group ballroom dancing lessons as well as one on one ballroom dance lessons near you. We have listed the best places to take a ballroom dancing lessons in New Jersey.  An expert dance instructor can have your feet moving perfectly after just a few lessons!
Learn to Belly Dance in NJ
Belly Dance Lessons
Belly dancing has a rich history that dates back thousands of years to the Middle East. Today, belly dance is used as a fun and creative outlet for all levels of dancers. Many people use this unique dance form as a way to stay in shape! Use our list to find belly dance schools throughout NJ.
Learn to dance hip hop in NJ
Hip Hop Dance Lessons
If you want to learn how to break it, lock it and pop it, join a hip hop dance class near you! Created in the 1970s, hip hop dance has evolved just as much as the music has. Originally performed by dance crews, hip hop dance also includes breakdancing, floating, sliding, stunts and much more.
Learn how to step dance in NJ
Irish Dance Lessons
Irish step dancing is one of the most complex dance forms in the world. Step dancing is defined by a controlled upper body, straight arms and quick, precise movements of the feet. If you're interested in learning this unique dance form see our list of Irish dance schools in NJ.
Latin dance schools NJ
Latin Dance Lessons
Latin dance encompasses a wide variety of dance styles including the cha-cha-cha, rumba, samba, mambo, bomba and many more. Each style of dance originated from Latin America and South America. Latin dance is known for its sexy flair and sensual hip action. Sign up for a class and try one of the most popular styles of dance in the United States.
Pole dancing classes NJ
Pole Dance Lessons
Pole dancing has become widely popular as a fun and flirty way for women to stay in shape. Pole dancing not only boosts your confidence, but it also strengthens your core, as well as builds upper and lower body strength. Sign up for a sexy pole dancing class in NJ today!
Learn to Swing Dance in NJ
Swing Dance Lessons
Swing dance was the most popular form of dance from the 1920s to the 1950s. Swing dancing refers to various forms of dance including the Lindy Hop, the Charleston, Shag and Balboa. Grab a partner and learn how to dance like it's the 1940s!
Salsa dance guide in NJ
Salsa Dance Lessons
If you want to shake and move that thing like nobody's business, then salsa classes is just might be with the doctor ordered! Salsa is a term that generally classifies what is essentially Cuban and Puerto region popular dance. Salsa is one of the most intense types of dancing.  Check out our guide to get your salsa on today.
Complete list of dance studios NJ
Complete list of dance studios in NJ
Looking for random dance studios near your area? Toying with the idea of shaking a leg? Or maybe you're looking for the best dance instructors that New Jersey has to offer. Well, look no further. With our complete guide to all the dancing studios in New Jersey, you'll be shaking your legs quicker than you could shake a stick!

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Complete guide to dancing schools, lessons and classes in NJ

There are many different types and genres of dancing. According to Wikipedia, There are actually hundreds of different types of dances that have evolved from many different cultures, from all over the world. is an exciting resource to find  the many different types of dance studios Lessons, and classes within all the genres.

Our complete dancing lessons guide is still a little bit of a work in process as we are constantly adding new and different types and genres of dancing.  So from Argentine tango, to Bandari dance, to Bachata, to the old can-can and belly dances we hope you’ll utilize our guide when you’re ready to search for dancing lessons in New Jersey.
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