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Learning Centers in NJ

Kid's Learning Centers NJ

If you're looking for a more hands-on and one-to-one learning experience for your child, then consider one of these great learning resource centers in NJ.  Your kid's grade and confidence are sure to rise!

Northern NJ
26 Park Street, Suite 2023, Montclair, NJ 07042
1-(844) 8-BESTNJ

Best NJ, LLC learning centers for NJ children with special needs Providing the BEST services to children with special needs!
Behavioral and Educational Solutions and Training of NJ, LLC (BEST NJ, LLC) is a New Jersey Department of Education approved agency that provides comprehensive behavioral and educational services to public school districts and private schools serving students with special needs in New Jersey. Furthermore, we work privately with families of children with special needs in various towns in northern New Jersey to develop after-school home programs based upon the principles of applied behavior analysis. Our dedicated team of professionals have over 15 years combined experience in working with children with a variety of disabilities, including severe developmental disabilities, autism, emotional and behavioral disorders, and intellectual disabilities to name a few. We pride ourselves on designing highly-individualized programs and interventions to assist each child that we work with in reaching their fullest potential at school, home, community and in life.

Ask about our all-inclusive family vacation program!

Southern NJ
Real Regional
1371 Chews Landing Rd., Laurel Springs, NJ 08021

Real Regal Learning Center NJ Counseling & Testing Services for Kids!
Whether you're looking for tutoring, reading classes, study programs, or even social skills programs for your child, you can get it all here!  If your kid is having trouble in school because of a learning disability, or simply not knowing how to study correctly, then Real Regional Enrichment & Learning Center has the programs for you.
For both children and parents, Real Regional's experienced professional staff offers resources in helping to cope with learning disabilities and other problems that hinder your child from learning.

They will help your child succeed!


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