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Parties with Petals Website | 732-940-2264
Serving Northern, and Central NJ,    
Parties with Petals Fun Toddler Magicians in NJ Fun magician for toddlers in NJ Parties with Petals Awesome Magicians for Toddler Parties in NJ
As a highly recommended magician traveling to birthday parties and special events in the Northern and Central regions of NJ, Petals is a unique female entertainer that kids just love! Petals offers 30 to 45 minute comedy magic shows complete with storytelling and funny routines. Petals is great with the little kids and will always customize shows so they are appropriate for the audience's age.

Her magic parties are always energetic and exciting, engaging children in the activity and enticing them to participate. In addition to magic shows, Petals is a toddler clown who will happily entertain the youngest party guests with comical antics, the creation of balloon animals and face painting. She is the perfect magician to hire if you are throwing a corporate party in NJ because, unlike some other magicians, her routines can entertain everyone in the room.

Serving Northern and Central NJ
Best Entertainment Around Website | 201-330-1191
Serving all of New Jersey, ,    
Best Entertainment Around Professional Magicians in NJ Hire the Best Entertainment Around! Best Entertainment Around kid-friendly magicians in Northern NJ
Best Entertainment Around has performed for President Clinton, Mayor Giuliani, and many, many celebrities. Some of their satisfied customers include the Museums of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut as well as many Hot-Air Balloon Festivals. Hundreds of large companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Nabisco have used their services, as well as thousands of families in the Tri-State area!

Best Entertainment Around is your #1 source for party entertainers in NJ! They have every kind of entertainer including clowns, puppeteers, magicians, DJs, costume characters and so much more! They also have party services including karaoke, petting zoos, carnival rides and more! No matter what your child's personality is, Best Entertainment Around will provide the top kids party entertainers in New Jersey!

Best Entertainment Around has provided party services for thousands of families throughout New Jersey and the Tri-State area. Their party entertainers are dedicated, funny and, of course, the best around! Check out their website for all of their entertainers and party services!

Call 201-330-1191 to book your NJ party today!
B. Happie Entertainment Website | 888-867-4282
Serving all of NJ, and Tri-State Area,    
B Happie Entertainment List of Magician Entertainers for Parties NJ Magicians sure to entertain B Happie Entertainment Coolest Professional Magicians in NJ
B. Happie Entertainment is a prestigious group for entertainers to belong to. Only the best magicians, clowns, ventriloquists, stilt-walkers, face-painters, balloon artists, caricature artists and puppeteers gain admission to the group.

As such, B. Happie Entertainment will provide you with the best magic shows in all of New Jersey for a great price! Starting at just $225 per magic show, you will be able to have the entertainment your guests are talking about, at a price you can afford.

Your children will be enthralled by the illusionary tricks and amazing stunts these professionals perform. Additionally, Family magicians are great for all ages. Kids, tweens, teens, and adults! Call 888-867-4282 for details and to book your show.

Serving all of NJ Tri-State area
Steve the Magician Website | 800-735-4412
Serving all of NJ, and Tri-State Area,    
Steve the Magician List of Awesome Magicians in NJ Magic with live animals! Steve the Magician NJ Magicians that Amaze
Steve the Magician of NJ offers guests a unique blend of magic and comedy for all ages. Steve's performances are always very visual, keeping up with the latest trends in magic and guaranteed to entertain the masses. With over 25 years of experience in the field of magic and having performed for countless audiences, Steve knows just what it takes to wow and amaze the audience.

This NJ magician's shows are interactive, meaning Steve will encourage audience members to participate in the routines and get close to the magic. Additionally, Steve uses live animals in his acts to liven up the crowd and make them more intrigued with the performance. Call 800-735-4412 for additional information and see coupons for a free gift for all kids.

All of NJ Tri-State area
Wings of Magic Website | 908-803-5179
Serving Northern and Central NJ, and the Tri-State Area,    
Wings of Magic Amazing Magicians in NJ Cool magic acts to intrigue and amaze Wings of Magic Best Magician for Kid Birthday Parties in NJ
Mark A.S. Dolson's Wings of Magic has been making events special with traditional, pirate, wizard, safari, puppet and other comedy interactive shows for years. These magic shows can be performed at children's birthday parties, school events, camps, libraries and a variety of other locations.

As a highly recommended group of magicians in NJ, Mark A.S. Dolson's Wings of Magic is your one stop when it comes to party and event entertainment. His shows will entertain everyone, kids and parents, making the audience laugh, have fun and learn the art of magic. Kids and parents alike will be engrossed in the magic, wonder how the tricks were done and be amazed at the skills that Mark A.S. Dolson displays. For additional information about the Wings of Magic's magic show, click here. If you would like to schedule a magic show for your event, call 908-803-5179.

Serving Northern and Central NJ and the Tri-State area
Cool Magic Guys Website | 732-735-4412
Serving all of NJ, and Tri-State Area,    
Cool Magic Guys Top Magicians in NJ Spectacular magic shows for the whole family! Cool Magic Guys List of Greatest Magicians in NJ
Cool Magic Guys offers their clients high energy comedy magic shows each and every time they appear at an event. These magicians are experienced professionals who work throughout NJ and the Tri-State area, providing guests with humorous and amazing shows, guaranteed to leave them wondering how a trick was completed.

Wanting to amaze everyone using common, everyday items, these highly trained NJ magicians will perform tricks such as making a can of soda float, having a selected card rise from a sketch pad or making a drawing come to life! The magicians even work with live animals such as rabbits and doves, adding a new level of interest to their routine. Adults will enjoy the show as much as the kids! Mention and get a free gift! Click here for coupon.

All of NJ Tri-State area
Ben the Magic Man Website | 201-706-0378
Serving Northern, and Central NJ,    
Ben the Magic Man Guide to Awesome Magicians in the NJ Area All Guests Enjoy Ben's Family-Friendly Entertainment! Ben the Magic Man Top Magicians Serving Central NJ
Your child will be the star of the show when Ben the Magic Man entertains your guests with magic, award-winning balloons, face-painting, games and more! His fun shows can be enjoyed by party-goers of all ages!

Providing quality children's entertainment since 1994, Ben the Magic Man's magic shows are designed to engage guests of all ages and inspire in them the unique sense of wonder that only magic entertainment can provide. For parties with children 8 years and older, Ben can even include teaching a professional magic trick that your child and guests will be able to show to their families and friends! (And who knows where that may lead!) Balloon sculpting, face-painting, non-competitive games and more add even more great fun to your child's birthday party or other celebrations.

To learn more about having Ben the Magic Man provide his family-friendly entertainment on your child's special day, visit his website or call 201-706-0378.

Serving Northern and Central NJ
Horizon Entertainment Website | 973-694-2500
Serving all of NJ, and Tri-State Area,    
Horizon Entertainment Kid-Friendly Magicians in NJ Entertainment for all ages! Horizon Entertainment Guide to Top Quality Magicians in NJ
Horizon Entertainment is your go to place for magicians in the New Jersey area. They have numerous magicians and illusionists on staff, but one of the best in NJ is Mr. Giggles. The original Mr. Giggles is available for both small or large group parties and events, adding wonder and amazement to any day's activities.

Mr. Giggles can perform for children as well as adults, even combining acts and making completely family-friendly routines suitable for audience members of any age! His unique show has a combination of magic, gags, tricks, ventriloquism, juggling and balloons! Some of his specialty acts include strolling comedians and variety shows with a mix of magic, clowning, juggling and ventriloquism. Click here to request a quote from Mr. Giggles or to schedule him as the magician entertainer for your next party!

Serving all of NJ Tri-State area
Beauty & the Beast LLC Website | 908-236-7353
Serving Northern and Central NJ, ,    
Beauty and the Beast LLC List of Top Performing Magicians in NJ Variety Entertainer Magicians for all ages Beauty and the Beast LLC Fun Magicians for Special Events Serving NJ
Several of their top magicians credits include prestigious awards, Broadway shows, nightclubs, casinos, Las Vegas shows, resorts and carnival and circus entertainers formerly of Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus and The Greatest Show on Earth. Their talented performers entertain children, family and adult audiences from kid's birthday parties to stage shows, holiday parties and corporate events, for all ages and any occasion.

Take your pick - choose from a Pirate Adventure, Kid's Magic Clown, Cowboy, Wizard Professor, Pirate Magician and comedy Magicians. Magician shows include high-energy interactive comedy, spellbinding magic show, juggling, balancing act, audience participation, ventriloquism and amazing balloon art sculptures with optional Stilt Walking or Unicycle. They offer strolling sleight of hand close up magic and juggling or a formal stage-type show with PA and microphone. Check the website to see professional photos. Call the office at 908-236-7353 for detailed descriptions of all the many costumed magic shows they offer. *Have a magical day!*

Serving Northern and Central NJ
Magical Memories Entertainment Website | 914-548-2048
Serving all of NJ, ,    
Magical Memories Entertainment NJ Magicians and Illusionists Quality magic shows in NJ Magical Memories Entertainment Guide to All Magicians in NJ
Magical Memories Entertainment is dedicated to providing quality professionals for your special event. In the past few years, Magical Memories Entertainment has grown to become the "One-Stop-Shop" for all your entertainment and party needs. This magician and entertainment company in NJ now works with clients from around the state to provide them with the right entertainment at the right price.

In addition to fantastic magicians who can entertain the masses with their tricks and illusions, Magical Memories Entertainment also offers aerialists, clowns, jugglers, basketball trick artists, living statues and much more! If you are looking to have games at your party or special event, Magical Memories Entertainment can provide you with bounce houses, arcade games, trivia games, dunk tanks and a variety of other options! While some children are watching the entertaining NJ magician perform their mind-boggling tricks, others can be playing trivia or arcade games. Everyone is sure to have fun and be entertained.

Serving all of NJ
BirthdayMax Website | 646-957-4709
Serving Northern NJ, and all of NY,    
BirthdayMax Funny Magicians Serving Northern NJ Smart and funny magician for parties BirthdayMax Smart and Funny Magicians in NJ
BirthdayMax is one of NJ's clown magicians, meaning his performances at children's birthday parties and special events will not only amaze the kids, but also make them laugh! Young children between the ages of 4 and 8 love BirthdayMax's performances because they are uproariously funny and do not contain any scary clown makeup. Although he is technically a clown, BirthdayMax focuses his shows primarily on the magic and fun entertainment and does not come dressed in typical, sometimes scary, makeup.

Parents and children shake with laughter every time Max completes a trick. It seems that everyone loves Max. Relax as this experienced professional magician presents a show that's 100% rock-solid "fall-on-the-floor-funny." Who'd expect a family show this smart? BirthdayMax!

Serving Northern NJ and all of NY
Ken the Magician Website | 609-748-2237
Serving Southern NJ, and surrounding area,    
Ken the Magician Highly Experienced Childrens Magicians in NJ Awarded "Best Children's Entertainer"
Ken Northridge has been performing magic shows for over 40 years and specializes in children's birthday parties. His fast-paced performance features a live rabbit and doves as well as audience participation and engagement. One client of Ken the Magician, Jane Ehresmann, Seaville, NJ, says, "It's been a long time since I've seen children laugh like that!"

In addition to performing at children's birthday parties, this highly recommended NJ magician will also perform family magic shows, walk around or strolling magic shows at different locations and even perform at school assemblies! Whether you are 5 or 95, you will find the tricks performed by Ken the Magician to be mesmerizing and entertaining. Some of his tricks include card tricks, rope tricks and making coins disappear before your very eyes! His performances are 100% guaranteed and no deposits are required.

Serving South Jersey and the surrounding area
Eliot the Super Magic Man Website | 732-679-2100
Serving all of NJ, ,    
Eliot the Super Magic Man Coolest Childrens Magicians in NJ Perfect for kids ages 3 - 10! Eliot the Super Magic Man Magicians for Schools in NJ
With 25 years of experience as a children's magician entertainer, Eliot the Super Magic Man is one of the leading magicians for kid's birthday parties, school and library events in NJ. His show combines Superbunny, Superbird, comedy, magic, ventriloquism, balloons, games, contests, prizes, music and a lot of audience participation.

After the show, all the children meet the bunny and bird, allowing them to get closer to the magic that happened during the show. Goody bags can be included in the party package for only a minimal fee! Eliot is also an elementary school teacher with 20 years of working with children from kindergarten through fifth grade so all of his shows are age appropriate and friendly. Additionally, the shows are affordable and unforgettable. Call Eliot the Super Magic Man at 732-679-2100 for information about his two affordable birthday party packages.

Serving all of NJ
Trix the Magician Website | 732-926-8335
Serving all of NJ, ,    
Trix the Magician Entertaining NJ Magicians for Parties Family entertainment at its best! Trix the Magician Awesome Magicians for Childrens Birthday Parties in NJ
Trix the Magician will delight your audience with a 45 minute dazzling magic show. There is music throughout Trix's entire performance, making it fun and interesting for the whole crowd, both young and old. The birthday child is the star of the show and receives a top hat, wand and a goodie bag that's cleverly produced through magic!

Trix can customize any show with comedy magic, dances, face painting, tattoos and balloon sculpting, ensuring that all of the children are having fun and are engaged in the day's activities. Goody bags are available for all children upon previous notice and shows are appropriate for children ages 5 and up. Trix is not just a magician however, she also performs as a fun clown. See her full page web listing on for more information.

Serving all of NJ
NJ Magician Website | 888-727-5893
Serving all of NJ, and Tri-State Area,    
NJ Magician Cool Birthday Party Magicians in NJ Fun magic tricks with live animals! Trix the Magician Awesome Magicians for Childrens Birthday Parties in NJ
NJ Magician is New Jersey's favorite family entertainer! Steve Woyce's fun-filled magic shows are great for the whole family and packed with colorful comedy magic and lots of audience participation.

Your birthday child will be the star of the show and make a live rabbit appear before the audience's eyes! This skilled magician who works in NJ and the Tri-State area always produces an amazingly fun magic show for kids of all ages; one that will intrigue them and increase their interest in the art of illusion. NJ Magician offers both 30 minute and 45 minute magic shows, so whether you want your guests entertained for a shorter or longer period of time is up to you! To learn more about the various party packages available, check out NJ Magician's website.

All of NJ Tri-State area
Magic of Marco Website | 973-989-0255
Serving all of NJ, and Tri-State Area,    
Magic of Marco Strolling Magicians in NJ Traditional and strolling magic shows Magic of Marco Unique Magicians in NJ
Magic of Marco is a close up magician entertainer who has been servicing NJ and the Tri-State area for many years. The way his shows typically work is simple: he will stroll events performing Las Vegas style sleight of hand classic close-up magic for guests.

In addition to his strolling magic shows, Marco will often perform a stand-up parlor/cabaret style show for guests, allowing them to experience the magic in a whole new light. His performances are all interactive with a comedic edge, making them fun and memorable for everyone. He is available to book for corporate and private events, childrens parties for all ages, family events such as reunions and even adult events. Marco knows his tricks are suitable for everyone and whether you are younger or older, you will have fun.

All of NJ Tri-State area
Michael Ickle Website | 888-691-2299
Serving all of NJ, and Tri-State Area,    
Michael Ickle Professional Kids Magician Serving NJ Your #1 choice for kid's birthday magicians Michael Ickle Best Kids Magicians for Fun and Exciting NJ Parties
Michael Ickle is one of NJ's premier birthday party magicians because his acts can entertain and intrigue children of all ages. His shows have been described as "the most fun, action-packed, no mess birthday magic show in the Delaware Valley area - guaranteed!"

Mike handles the children beautifully. He is always willing to interact with the crowd and the kid's questions, no matter how difficult they may be. His party packages include age-appropriate entertainment that will increase the audience's interest in magic and make them wonder how a trick was completed. As a kid's show specialist, Michael Ickle makes it a point to understand each group's interests and adapt his routine so everyone can be involved. For more information about his shows, call Michael Ickle at 888-691-2299.

Serving all of NJ and the Tri-State area
Dennis the Magician Website | 609-371-3317
Serving all of NJ, Staten Island, NY   
Dennis the Magician Entertaining Magicians for Kids Birthday Parties in NJ Magic and illusion acts that make you think Dennis the Magician NJ Party Magicians for Kids
Dennis the Magician has been noted as one of the best magicians in NJ due in part to his enthusiasm and excitement about each performance he does!

If you have been looking for a magician to keep the children quiet for a while, you won't need to look any further. Dennis the Magician will have the kids laughing, screaming and yelling with joy and excitement as he performs his crazy tricks that wow and amaze the crowd. For an excess of 25 years, Dennis has specialized in entertaining children in NJ between the ages of 3 and 8 with his magic and balloon twisting. Your child is the little magician who gets the show started with the wave of the magic wand. Call 609-371-3317 for additional details about Dennis the Magician's party routines and how to book your party today!

Serving all of NJ, Staten Island and Eastern PA
Jo-Zee the Party Clown Website | 973-763-1680
Serving Northern and Central NJ, ,    
Jo Zee the Party Clown Wildly Entertaining Magicians in NJ Silly magician that will entertain all! Jo Zee the Clown Family Friendly Magicians in NJ
Jo-Zee the Party Clown, a fun and exciting clown and magician who works in multiple NJ areas, offers you quite a few options when you hire her for your child's next party. Her magic acts are spectacular and will have kids standing on edge, wanting to figure out the method to her magic. Other services available include face painting, balloon crafts, interactive games, Puppet Pals, sing along time and much more!

At one of these entertaining NJ magic parties, the birthday boy or girl is always the star of the show. They are included in, and occasionally asked to lead, the activities for the group and treated with the highest care and praise. Jo-Zee the Party Clown will perform at birthday parties around NJ, holiday events, picnics, daycare centers and even corporate events. Whether you are looking to entertain a small group of children or a large group where adults will be in attendance, Jo-Zee the Party Clown can make your event fun, exciting and memorable.

Serving Northern, Central and surrounding NJ areas
Irwin's Parties Website | 732-859-4848
Serving all of New Jersey, ,    
Irwins Parties professional kid-friendly magicians in nj "We bring the amusement park to you!" Irwins Parties Family Friendly Magicians in Northern NJ
Irwin's Parties offers magician entertainers for a variety of events throughout New Jersey and the tri-state area. Kid-friendly and professional magicians are the perfect addition to any event from birthdays to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, fundraisers, corporate parties, festivals and more! All magicians are professional, reliable and tailor their act to the type of event they've been hired for.

Irwin's Parties also offers balloonists, costume characters, inflatable rentals, hypnotists, face painters, tents, tables, chairs and so much more. Rates are extremely reasonable, with six discount party packages available. To find out more information on party packages, pricing and availability, email or call 844-444-7400 or 732-859-4848.

Serving all of NJ Tri-State Area
The Amazing Carson Website | 610-680-8375
Serving NJ, and PA,    
The Amazing Carson Awesome Magician Illusionists in NJ Awesomely entertaining magician and illusionist The Amazing Carson Magicians to Entertain all in NJ
Providing entertainment for a variety of events from a child's party to grand illusions on stage as well as publicity stunts as an escape artist, The Amazing Carson is a well-known magic entertainer in NJ!

Some of the illusions that The Amazing Carson can perform include sawing through a person, levitating a woman, passing swords through a basket with a woman inside and escaping from a straight jacket! The Amazing Carson can customize his show so it will be tailor made for your needs. Whether you are looking to have Carson entertain a group of elementary school students or you want him to perform his act at one of your corporate events, this enthralling NJ magician has routines and tricks that are age appropriate and guaranteed to entertain.

Serving NJ and PA
Caravan of Entertainment Website | 856-931-0333
Serving Southern NJ, and the Delaware Valley,    
Caravan of Entertainment kids magicians in Southern NJ Best magicians for kids in South Jersey! Caravan of Entertainment Awesome Magicians Working in Southern NJ
Caravan of Entertainment offers professional magicians for all ages, from children's parties to stage shows and corporate events. They offer high-energy, interactive shows that, depending upon the chosen package, can include comedy, magic, juggling, illusions, live appearing rabbit, balloon creations and face painting.

This NJ magician entertainment company also offers theme characters such as pirates, princesses, superheroes, cartoon characters and even holiday characters who can make appearances at your event, wowing the kids and putting smiles on their faces. Whether you are looking for a top quality NJ magician who is skilled with all tricks, including illusions, sleight of hand and levitation or you simply want a costumed character to make an appearance at your party, Caravan of Entertainment can help. They have everything you need in order to make your child's party or special event magical!

Serving Southern NJ and the Delaware Valley
Matt Cadabra Website | 609-576-3212
Serving all of New Jersey, ,    
Matt Cadabra professional magician serving all of NJ The Best NJ Magician for your Next Party! Matt Cadabra Magicians in NJ
Straight from America's Got Talent to your party, professional New Jersey Magician and Ventriloquist: Matt Cadabra. Matt has been performing in NJ, PA, NY, DE, and MD since 2009. Matt has performed in over 2,000 parties and events, has sold out shows at the Tropicana Casino (Atlantic City), appeared on three TV shows including America's Got Talent 2012, and is one of the best magician entertainment choices for your next NJ party or event.

One hour shows start at $150. Matt Cadabra offers Birthday, Family and Party Magic, as well as Close-up Walk Around Magic and Balloon Sculpting/Entertaining. Shows are catered to various age groups. Check out videos, pictures, press and more on: Call today!

Serving all of NJ, NY, PA, DE and MD
Henry Carlyle Website | 908-419-4775
Serving all of NJ, and Tri-State Area,    
Henry Carlyle Most Sophisticated Magicians in NJ Magic you can see up close! Henry Carlyle Awesome Magicians in NJ for Older Audiences
Henry Carlyle is one of the most sophisticated magicians in all of NJ. Mind blowing close-up magic and mind reading for corporate events, upscale parties and bar mitzvahs are what you can expect from Henry Carlyle. You will not see an entertainer in a crazy outfit. There will be no live animals, no clown noses, no vulgarity and no off color material that would reflect negatively on you or your company.

Instead, you will see fun, interactive magic and mentalism with loads of audience participation and lots of laughs. You will see and feel objects move from one of your hands to the other. One of a kind standup mind reading shows are also available. Ages 13 and up can enjoy Henry Carlyle's shows, learning about sleight of hand and illusion in the process. Call the magician at 908-419-4775 to book your party today!

Serving all of NJ Tri-State area
Clowns 4 Kids Website | 201-633-5121
Serving NJ, and Tri-State Area,    
Clowns 4 Kids NJ Guide to the Best Magicians Magic and entertainment made easy Clowns 4 Kids NJ Magician Services for Parties
Book a party with Clowns 4 Kids to create memories that will last a lifetime. This NJ entertainment company features some of the state's best magicians who are dedicated to making your next party a successful one.

In addition to providing NJ residents with access to some of the most entertaining magicians who perform tricks that entertain the masses, Clowns 4 Kids features clowns, costume characters, dunk tanks, inflatable bouncers, giant water slides, a rock wall, a mechanical bull rental and DJs who can play the crowds favorite songs. They are your go-to entertainment company if you are throwing an event, big or small, because they have everything you need. Rather than going from company to company, renting equipment from separate venues, Clowns 4 Kids makes it easy for you! Click here for more details!

Serving NJ and the Tri-State Area
Stretch the Silly Man Website | 888-495-9308
Serving Central NJ, ,    
Stretch the Silly Man Best Magicians in Central NJ Area Brilliant comedy magic shows in Toms River, NJ
Stretch The Silly Man, a magician working out of the Central region of NJ, is one of the premier entertainers in the state. His shows are brilliantly prepared, incorporating both the humor that kids love and the wonderment of each trick performed. Children will watch in amazement as Stretch performs kid-friendly routines where only age-appropriate humor and tricks are performed, meaning young children will not be exposed to fire or other dangerous materials!

Parents will be truly impressed with Stretch the Silly Man's ability to captivate his audience and get them excited about magic. Where some other entertainers are able to hold children's attention for a few minutes, during one of Stretch's routines, kids will not be able to turn away. They will be truly enthralled by the work of this Central Shore Region NJ magician and talk about the show for many days afterwards.

Serving Central Shore Region NJ
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